My secret relationship with the crown prince of Dubai prince Hamdan

From hangouts:

They want to kill me or to put me in the psychiatry

It is carl philp bernadotte. He thinks i am the Messiah

Hopefully, i will get the 4000€

Tell them you’re not a Messiah

I said it…..

And what did they do?

I miss you

They implant suicidal and murderous thoughts in my brain, they bully me, say I will not get money and die or go into the psychiatry that I will not marry you

That will end on the strreet. This is a mental and psychological torture

They want to drive me crazy and at the same time to push me to work.

These are called mind controllers

I miss you. I want to Dubai

Sweetie, you don’t mind that i am far now??? They call me dirty hog. They manipulate my mother

Help me!!!

I will help you

Thank you sweetie, but how?

I have a mind controller in my head

I love you and miss you

I love you and miss you

I love you and miss you

Where are you sweetie?

I’m home now, I’m now in Dubai

Okay sweetie

Pray that we will soon

yes baby

I love you

Thank you for the photo

I love you too

You’re welcome baby

Good morning sweetie

I love you and miss you

Hello honey

Good morning

Holder and

Hello sweetie

This is a real case

I don’t trust it

How are you doing today?

My mind controller-Carl Philip Bernadotte damages my brain and implants murderous thoughts in my head. He breaths through me

Join The Lawsuit Against Electronic Harassment

I don’t believe in that

He’s lying to you

Who is lying to me?

My mind controller? I know, it is a schizophrenic,perverted, murderous psychopath, but he is in my head

If i die they have killed me the Bernadottes from Sweden

There’s nothing like mind controller


There is

Hello sweetie

I love and miss you

Help me! I have a mind controller in my head

There is no mind controller

There are sweetie

I love you and miss you

Can’t you buy now wine for the wedding???

Sweetie, is the wedding in January?

Hello sweetie

I love you and miss you

Me too honey

Hello sweetie

I love you and miss you

Why can’t you buy wine for the wedding now?

Sweetie, I sold wine again. I am waiting for my commissions. In two weeks you could propably send me the parcel again and visit me at the beginning of Novermember

Can you take visas for my me, my mother and Bahijah and her both kids. I am her family representative

What are you doing now? I feel better

Hello sweetie! I love you and miss you

I miss you too baby

Sweetie, where are you???

I’m here

Why can’t you buy now wine for the wedding???

Are you in Dubai???


In Dubai?

You can receive samples for the wine

The wedding is already in January

Our wedding is next year

We didn’t make any preparations…

Yes next year in january

I will get wine from you, but not now

Why not?I need the commission

To repair my body

Not yet, you’re asking talking to fake loan lenders

Are there are any other events where you could need wine

I will take only one loan to pay other stuff. I need to repair my body

I need 160€ to pay for my check which is real. I sent you the email

I still did not receive my commission from the sale

Those are fake

They’re deceiving you

The check is REAL! It is not fake

I said, it’s FAKE

Why don’t you send me money to repair my body? I will give it to you back!!!

In which month is our wedding next year? In january???

Sweetie, we will need a lot of chairs, sofas etc in pink satin , white tents, a lot of candles, angelic scluptures, white and pink flowers in the garden of the palace and an altar-pavillion, made from white marble decorated with pink sapphires. Do not forget that!!!!

Tables and chairs for the three suppers. Chairs also in pink satin

Hello, sweetie! My mother says our love has no future and we will not get married :(((

Hello sweetie! I will receive my commisssion on the 15.10. The wedding can not take place in January

Sweetie, where are you?????

Hello sweetie!

Why don’t you respond to my messages?

Because you always talk about money

I talk about our wedding and not about money

Fine. My husband should be the one who helps when I needed…. everything I said is treu! I am badly tortured and in need. You thought to be my husband??? Husbands help their wives. Find your perfect woman!

Okay fine

I will go and find my prefect woman

I still love you. Understand that I am badly tortured by prince Carl Philip Bernadotte and the Swedish government. Please read the website carefully I don’t need your money. I will get on the 15th.10. 4000€

Those are fake

I don’t believe it

They only want your money

Nobody wants my money!!! I am raped electronically mentally, psychologically, physically

I said, those loan lenders want your money only, nothing else

By Carl Philip Bernadotte who wants to kill me and believe he will ascend in heaven by murdering me

He’s a liar

You will see they are not fake. I will get my loans

He’s only threaten you

I need your love and support. I am really raped. He wants to kill me. He is a pedophile and a murderer. He breaths through me like demonic possession

He wants me to kill people and my mother

He is a schizophrenic psychopath, a murderer, a sadistic rapist

He’s a liar

He’s only threaten you

I hate you, because you’re so stubborn

I said, those loan lenders are fakes

I can’t endure this torture anymore!!! I need your love and support. I need to get out of this country

They are involved in my torture and slowly murder

This loan is not fake

I said, those loan lenders are fakes

They’re not real

I hate you, because you’re so stubborn

I will not take a loan from the French man

Don’t talk to me anymore

You will see, I will get the loan

Okay, what about all the money, you sent to the French man

They’re all fakes

What about the Benin Guy

It’s fake

I hate you

I can’t get it back, if I don’t pay 126€

I can forget it

How will you say, I’m your husband and you don’t want to listen to me

I hate you

I will take the check and a loan from somebody else, you will see

I am not gonna give money to the French guy

Please! I beg you, don’t talk to me anymore, OK?

Just because of a stupid money???

I hate you

How will you say, I’m your husband and you don’t want to listen to me

Then where I should get otherwise money?

I said, those loan lenders are fakes

They’re not real

Okay, what about all the money, you sent to the French man

They’re all fakes

What about the Benin Guy

How could you hate me just because of it?

It’s fake

I hate you

Why do you hate me???? Just because of it?

You are not serious to hate me because of it

How could you hate me just because of this???

Hello! Cant you buy wine from me now? I am in a desperate situation. I won’t receive a commission of 4000€ because the check was fake. Please borrow me some money! I beg you! I feel really very bad!

If you were a good man, you would already have helped me, but you are not. Good that I have not married you

A friend of mine just said to me that a girl posted your chats with her. You are really a liar and a crazy man

And you asked her to donate too

Well! That’s not me, an imposter out there using my name and my profile, pretending to be me did that not me

Okay. I appologize myself then

I lost my 4000€ commission

Because they’re all fake

I told you, but you couldn’t listen to me

They all lied to you

The cheque of the wine buyer was fake . That’s why! Not because of the loans

Please don’t tell me anything about those loans anymore

The loans are not fake!!!! They will cancel my loan of 100,000 if I don’t pay the fee

They want the fees for the paper work and this is normal

You told me you will help me, but you don’t

There is a video about economy crisis in Dubai

I listen to you but you are wrong

you don’t ask me even how am I…..

Live in your Fazza-Fantasy world.I had a very bad dream- royal child sacrifice in the name of Satan! And it is true!

Royals Celebrate Birthday With Ritual Human Sacrifice In London

According to the bible royals will be arrested and eaten by vultures in Israel Ezekiel!

Damascus destruction is also described in the bible

Do you know that Saudi Arabia ( royals) are involved in hundreds of murders together with the satanic Mossad from Rothschild’s created Israel satanic state??? And you visited Meka??? Like nothing bad is happening a.o. in Yemen due to Saudi Arabia?

If you didn’t know , your relegion was created by a jesuit priester in order of Vatican :))) live in the world of lies

Fortunately, the world is awakening finally. Soon there will be a war – Armagedon war where this evil pact including the pedophilic and parasitic European royals at least will be punished and sentenced to death! This is what these murderous, percerted satanists deserve! YOU THINK, THIS IS A JOKE, A FANTASY??? You don’t know how horrific and sadistic this kind of torture is!!! I am tortured in this way since february 2010 24/7. It kills you slowly.

May be next month later I will have to travel in connection of business to Dubai. Do you want to meet me or it is over now?

So, our chat affair is over???

No wedding ???

Sweetie, you said you will buy wine for your events. You already have some , but you did not buy wine

Urgent!!! Can you check , if this ID is fake?

Don’t ask me anything, since you don’t want to talk to me

Who says, I don’t want to talk to you??? That’s not true! You are the one who does not talk to me!!!

Can you log in in my whatsapp or hack my phone number to see the I D card? I can’t send it here

I can’t do anything about it

It’s fake

All of those people are fake

Don’t talk to me, until you stop talking to those fake loan lenders

You don’t see the ID card. How could you say it is fake. This is the ID card of my boss

He is my boss, not a money lender

That’s fake

I want you to stop talking to me

Don’t talk to me, until you stop talking to those fake loan lenders

I did not send anything to you and you already say it is fake???

He is my boss, a wine producer, not a money lender!!!

Once you complain, I don’t talk to you ! Then you say not to talk to you. Do you really know what do you want???

I know that you’re still talking to those fake loan lenders

And don’t deny it

Not to all. They contact me. And this is a reason to hate me????????

Just because I desperately look how to get some money. Instead of helping me and borrow me a few thousands. Borrow not to give me away. Which is actually a normality for a love couple


Do what ever you want to do

I still love you very much!

So I do

Then please stop ignoring me and hurting me but help me

I have a problem

What kind of problem???

There’s a woman that when to the bank to take a loan that worth $100,000 US dollars

Not knowing she was chatting with an imposter out there using my name and my profile, pretending to be me

I don’t understand?

And gave the money to him and he ran away with it

Then say to her, it was an imposter not you!

I also paid 150€ to imposter, but I don’t want anything from you because of it

And she ordered me to court

You have to write to facebook to stop these imposters!!! It is your right!!!

They can check that this was not your own profile

Yes baby, but there’s nothing I can do for now

They’re everywhere

You can show proof that you did not take money from her. You bank account ballance and the facebook profile IP address- email, phone number

I’m really sick and tired of getting report from my fans every day and night

Do not take them seriously. Live your life!


Write an official report about this case. It is important. Then the imposters will stop once they see, they have no chance to defraud people using your personality

See how fat I am

I can’t send the photo

Send it on Via email


I sent it via email

Don’t worry. This woman will loose the lawsuit. The police has no proofs that it was you

Yes baby

I miss you

Good morning sweetie!

When you is lawsuit?

Can’t you buy some wine for your events?

Sweetie, I need someone who can represent me in Dubai. It is about 2 billions funding. The investors and the money is in Dubai. I wait for a feedback from the broker

Hello sweetie!

Why don’t you write to me?

Sorry baby

I will talk to you later

I’m very busy right now

Okay . What are you doing now?

Sweetie, don’t you need wine for your royal and government events??? I need to sell wine

I’m seeing your chat with fake people

Which chat???

I was not chatting with

Are you spying on me ???

I chatted with my boss and with a cia agent

Which is my client

Please buy some wine

You are not so busy when you have time to spy on me :))))))

Never mind

I’m not buying wine for now

What is wrong? Whom I chatted?

I said, forget about it

Why? Can’t you buy a bit wine? I need money

Not now, I told you I have a problem

Why were you so busy?

I’m still in the court

Yes. I know but it does not hinder you to buy wine

You are in the court. What did the judges say?

I have a lot of works to do

What exactly?

It does takes minutes to order wine

You can order some samples at first

Hello sweetie!

My mother wants to throw me out. Please buy some wine….

Hello sweetie! Why don’t you talk to me?

Its you that don’t want to talk yo me?

That’s not true! Something is wromg wtith my mobile

I wrote to you and advised you not to pay to this woman any single cent!

You’re lying, there’s nothing wrong with your mobile

I wrote you a few messages from my mobile and they are not displayed here on my computer

If you pay her, you will confess that you are guilty and you are not!!!


But, there’s nothing wrong with your mobile

She wants to extort you!

That’s gone

I don’t want to think about anything

I wrotw you a few messages from my mobile and as I said, they are not here to be found

That’s gone??? What is gone??

The laawsuit is over?

Is the lawsuit over?

I can’t surf in Internet through my mobile and I can’t use facebook again


Sweetie. the hangouts on my cell phone doesn;t show our current conversation and it shows, you have not use hangouts already 6 days



What about the lawsuit???

Sweeeetieeeee! Good morning!

Sweeeeeetieeeee? Where are you???


You do not write to me….:(

good morning sweetie

Hello sweetie! What about your lawsuit?

Hello Sweetie!

Hello Sweetie? What is going on???

Sweetie, are you so busy??? The lawsuit continues???

Do not pay her any money! !! In this way you will confess you are guilty and you are NOT!!!

I fixed my cell phone. Problems with wifi

Sweetieeeeeeee? At least say hello

Sweetie, your ignorance is not fine!

Hello sweetie!

Sweetie I am getting mad at you… you don’t write to me at all

Sweetie, did you forget me???

If you don’t mind, I am chatting with Liam

He had a surgery

That’s Liam

Good morning sweetie!

Sweetie, why don’t you write to me???

Sweetie, why don’t you respond to me?

Guess who spoke to me on facebook? Prince Albert from Monaco and the king of Luxembourg who ordered wine from us. Keep it secretely!

AND I HAVE 2 BILLIONS $ ON MY account, but I have to pay for the activation code again

Can you make a donation of a 1000 euro?

currently I don’t have any money!

We were defrauded by a buyer who gave us a fake check and I did nt receive any commission

What do you mean?

I found new buyers and I am waiting for the closing of the deals so that I can get money and apply for a business loan at the HSBC bank and I will get it because I know the chairman personally but I have to pay 450 pounds for it

My first buyer was a fraudster and I did not get the commission of 4000 Euro. He gave us a fake check and was caught by the police

Did you understand???

If I get the $ 2 bilions I can make a bigger donation and I can borrow you some money, because your still have money problems

What about the lawsuit?

You speak to me also only to ask me for money…. while you know exactly that I don’t have it and you refuse to understand it because you born rich and surrounded only by such people. Why don’t you ask them to donate to your foundation but requires from me, the poor, to do this

Poor Hamdan

I received an ivitation from King Henri of Luxembourg to visit his land. He would like to show me his land

I will invest $600 millions in oil, gas, diamonds and gold. I found a great speacialist from this industry. He wants10% from the profit but that’s okay.

The king of Luxembourg wants to give $16 500 to pay the activation fee for the $2 billions. I have other small deals too in amount of $65 millions. And I will invest $50 millions in my cosmetics and fashion brand and $300 millions for my tv broadcaster and tv producing company. Cool

And what about you???

That’s a lie

Those are all fake

That’s the true! You can check my online account. The $2 billions are there!!!

It still remains me 50€ millions without this loan. If not I know 2 other investors who can borrow me a few billions

You are wrong!!!

Account number 93038373316 , password Ganeva

Check it, if you don’t believe me. I have a contract

Did you check my account???

Did you check my account???

It is not a lie! It is not fake!!!

That’s fake

I hate you

You’re so stupid

You’re an idiot

It is not fake! I have a contract! Unfortunately, I have to pay a huge fee to the broker of the investor Michael W. Lindley

It is not fake!!!!! If it should be fake, I have 2 other investors from US and from UK

You hate me? How sweet :))))

And I can get a business loan from HSBC!!!

Without your help! Thank you darling! It is so kind of you 🙂

Sweetie, how much do you hate me??? :)))

I am chatting with prince Albert from Monaco and king Henri from Luxembourg

May be I will get some money on Monday

I will let you know

Sweetie, king Henri is a very good man

But help: prince Albert wrote to me, he felt in love with me… He does not know, I hsve an overweight lol:)

Respond to me finally! Stop ignoring me!

Why are you soooo stubborn???

If I get the money on Monday I will be able to make the donation of 200,000€ in December

Sweetie, should I tell prince Albert from Monaco that I have a relationship with you and we aim to marry?


But, baby he is fake

Okay. I felt so miserable to receive such love stuff…

When we will get married next year?

Okay. I wrote to Albert that we are engaged and get married next year

I sent you his love emails

Sweetie, soon I should receive money. I sent you 2 emails from a bank and a courier service. The woman has paid all charges for the courier service

Awful – An Arab man with the name of Saleh ask me about sex

So you are in love with another man

Don’t talk to me anymore OK

Sweetie, I am in love with you

There is no other man

Albert is married and has two children

I am not in love with him!

Will you stop finally! There is no other man!!!

Albert stop writing to me after I told him that I love you, we are engaged and will get married

Please stop with your nonsence!

You are the stubborn one, not me!

Sweetie, speak to me…. :(((

Sweetie, please, I haven’t done anything


Will you stop being ignorant!!!

If you continue to ignore and scold me, I will really start a relationship with another man who loves me and respect me

Fine! As you wish!

How could you be so cruel???

If you don’t love me anymore then say it and I will stop writing to you and try to forget you

Fine! It is time to say good bye! You are an incredible egocentric, selfish, cruel egoist with zero empathy!

And you are not a gentleman!!!!!

Albert is giving me $500,000

You’re in love with another man

No. I love you!

I hate you

That’s man. Mr Albert is an imposters

He’s fake

But you do not love me! You ignore and disrespect me and you don’t help me!

Albert is a married man and has two children!!!

But he is opening a bank account for me in a bank in Tinidad and Tobago

Will you stop finally with your bad fantasies. I said that I love you. I am not in love with another man!!! You do not listen to me at all!!!

Sweetie I asked you once to download the app N26 and to log in instead of me so that I get a free debit and credit card and a bank account

Please do this for me

I can’t do this from my cell phone

The reason why you can’t do it from your cell phone is because it fake

But you couldn’t listen to me

Sweetie, it is not fake, please do this for me

No I’m not going to do it for you

The reason why you can’t do it from your cell phone is because it fake

But you couldn’t listen to me

I’m going to block you right now

No I’m not going to do it for you

The reason why you can’t do it from your cell phone is because it fake

But you couldn’t listen to me

I’m going to block you right now

My cell phone is too old

Its fake

I’m not going to do it for you

N26 Mobile bank

Listen to me

It is not fake

I’m going to block you right now

I promise

Check it on internet

Whad did I do to you to hate me?

You have unblock me???


I didn’t have a new boyfriend!!! Please believe me!

I miss you and love you! And I need your help!

What about your lawsuit?

I miss you too

I miss you very much!!!

I miss you! What are you doing?I miss your messages

Me too

What do you mean?

What are you doing? What about your lawsuit???

You can go ahead and chat with you new fake boyfriend from Nigeria deceiving you


💞 💞 💞

I really love you truly


Me too

I miss you too baby

My mom has a cancer. She scolds me and beats me. I can’t find a job

You miss me really?

I can’t help you now

Yes baby, I really missed you so much baby

I missed you too very much

When could you help me?

How are you

I will help you later okay

My mother wants to put me in the psychiatry

No baby

She will not

Please, try to help me. Without you I am lost

I know baby

I will help you

But not now

She will do this. Believe me. She calls me dirty bitch and dirty hog and may God kills me. She curses me very badly. My life is a nightmare

When will you help me?

What about your lawsuit???

Don’t worry baby

Nothing is going to happen to you okay

I’m by your side

She curses me, scolds me and beats me and primised to put me in the psychiatry

I want to work, but I can’t find a job. My life is a nightmare

You are the only one who made me feel better

Don’t worry baby

I’m here for you

When could you help me?

I don’t need a lot of money

I know

I will help you okay

But not now

Please help me, Hamdan?

What did you the whole time?

I will help you later baby

When later, sweetie?

I have a lot of projects to take care of

Maybe next year

I told you to consult Joseph S He oversees several projects in Texas. He is an expert in oil, gas and mining

I will

Next year when?

Next year I will help you

Can’t you send me even $10,000?

I will next year

So that my mother leaves me in peace

But now, I have a lot of projects to take care of

Next year when , sweetie? In january?

Why don’t you buy a bit wine from us.

I don’t know yet

But I will help you next year

Hopefully. My mother wants that I live on the street and suffer

No baby

Nothing is going to happen to you

You are safe

Yes. This is the truth!!!

I’m here now

And I really did not have another boyfriend!!!

How is your new boyfriend?

Please! My life is a pure nightmare!

Don’t be afraid

I never wanted to have another boyfriend except you

No more nightmares

I’m here for you baby

Thank you! But I really need some money now, before my mother puts me in the psychiatry or on the street.

I can’t help you now

What about the lawsuit with the woman? Did you fix this?

Don’t make me get mad at you


What are you doing now?

Nothing. Lying in the bed and chatting with you


I am tired to ly in the bed and doing nothing. It is a torture for me

I know

Don’t worry baby

We are getting married soon

What kind of projects do you have?

I have a lot

My mother calls me crazy. She says , you will never merry me

Marry me

You really wants to marry me? When?

I will marry you

Next year


When next year? I need to repair my body

Yes baby, I will


I am happy about it

Yes baby

You have to be patient till new year

Okay. I will try

What’s the time there right now?


Okay baby

Are you in Dubai?

Hope you had your lunch now?

Yes baby

I’m in Dubai

Tallk with Joseph. He is a good person

Okay baby

I will

Yes. I ate something and you?

Yes baby

I had my lunch already

Good sweetie

I am happy you are not angry with me anymore

No baby

I’m not

I really did not have another boyfriend! You have to believe me


I’m not believing you

I will find out later

Check my emails and phone

I know


We will really get married next year?

Yes baby

Great. I am happy

I know



So tell me, what are your plans for today?


Lying in the bed

Searching for a job

Okay baby

I don’t have money to go anywhere

I know

And you? What are you doing?

I’m not doing anything

Are you at home?

You deleted your picture from your profile

No, I’m with my father


Okay sweetie

No baby, didn’t delete it

But I don’t see it

Its there

What are you doing with your father?

I’m having a discussion with him and the president of UAE

Okay. Sweetie

I’m busy right now

Talk to you later baby

Still loving you 💕💕💕

Okay sweetie

I love you and miss you

I miss you sweetie

What did you discuss with your father and the president?


Nothing much just having discussion about the project

What kind of project sweetie?

I miss you very much

I missed you too

I have to go now

I have a discussion with my father privately

I will be back soon

About what sweetie?

I will text you when I am done

Okay sweetie

Love you ❤️

I will be waiting

Okay baby

I love you so much

Sweetie, I won’t break your heart. I really love you. I love only you


Good morning sweetie

How are you doing baby

Okay sweetie

I trust you sweetie

I am very excited that you will come to Greece

Please don’t be angry

27.04, 23:06 ч.
Fazza3 Hamdan

Okay baby

Do you get the 50euros for me?

No sweetie

I told you on the 10 of May

27.04, 23:26 ч.
Fazza3 Hamdan

Okay baby

Fazza3 Hamdan • 27.04, 23:43 ч.

I love you

Good night

28.04, 2:17 ч.

Hello Sweetie

Sweetie, you told me that you will receive the money from West Africa on the 3 th of May Why do you want 50€ from me on the 10th of May?

28.04, 9:44 ч.
Fazza3 Hamdan

They are sending it to you

Fazza3 Hamdan • 28.04, 12:45 ч.

What???? They are sending the money directly to me not to you???

But why sweetheart???

28.04, 13:26 ч.
Fazza3 Hamdan пропусна обаждане от вас
28.04, 13:27 ч.
Fazza3 Hamdan

They’re sending the money to you

Fazza3 Hamdan • 28.04, 14:12 ч.


Sweetie, will they ask me for money for the transfer?

I love you


Are you still in Seoul?

Fazza3 Hamdan

No baby, i am now in Dubai

Okay sweetie

What are you doing?

Sweetie should I give you my bank details?

Fazza3 Hamdan

Yes baby

Okay sweetie

I miss you

Fazza3 Hamdan

I missed you too baby

Eurobank Ergasias

Petia Milanova Ganeva

Account Number: 0026 0218 86 0101746839

IBAN: GR1402602180000860101746839


What are you doing now?

Will they ask me to pay a fee for the money transfer sweetie?

Fazza3 Hamdan

I don’t know yet

Hopefully not

Fazza3 Hamdan

I hope so

Sweetie in which month in the summer will be the wedding?

Where are we going to live?

Fazza3 Hamdan

I don’t know you

Until then, need to get a plan first

You don’t know me???

After one year and one month?

Fazza3 Hamdan

I said, i don’t know yet

Until then, need to get a plan first

A plan for the wedding???

Fazza3 Hamdan


Okay sweetie

You will do it alone???

Fazza3 Hamdan


With whom?

You really want to marry me sweetie?

Fazza3 Hamdan


Do you thinking i am joking?

Why sweetie?

No sweetie. I can’t believe my happiness

Fazza3 Hamdan

I love you

I love you

I have many reasons to love you, but why do you love me?

Fazza3 Hamdan

I love you more

Are you in the palace my sweetheart?

You love me more? Why do you think so sweetie?

I suffered a lot when you did not write to me

No lions in my present. I am afraid of them 🙂

Are the lions in the palace?

Fazza3 Hamdan


I have lions here in the palace

But sweetie, I am afraid of them

Lions on the wedding?

Fazza3 Hamdan

No baby

Alelulia. 🙂 thanks

3days public celebration?

What am I supposed to do?

But sweetie, you don’t have money for the wedding

Your father will pay?

Did you tell your father, you invested all your money?

Fazza3 Hamdan


Yes baby

Why are you laughing?


You told your father?

Fazza3 Hamdan

Yes baby, he knows about it already


Fazza3 Hamdan

And what?

What did your father say?

I love chatting with you

Sorry for the many questiobs!

Fazza3 Hamdan


I hate too many questions

I am sorry

But I am curious

And what else should I say?

There is nothing to say about my life

It is not so excited like yours

So your father will pay for the wedding?

Fazza3 Hamdan


My father is paying for our wedding

🙂 Greetings to your father and your uncle Saeed

Thank you!

I love you so much

I need an extremely beautiful wedding ball gown and others for the 2and 3 td day

Fazza3 Hamdan


I can’t wait to see you

I am so angry that now I am fat

Fazza3 Hamdan

You will repair your body okay

Yes sweetie

Fazza3 Hamdan

Okay baby

I talked with a woman. She went to a doctor to remove 40kg from her body. She looks good now

Where are you sweetie? In the palace?

At what time will start the wedding? In the evening?

Fazza3 Hamdan

I don’t know yet

We need to get a wedding plan first

Okay sweetie

But I don’t know anything about Arabic weddings

You need to engage a wedding planer

28.04, 16:58 ч.

All I know is that I want pink roses, white orchids and lilien everywhere and a wedding pavillion

My mother does not believe it:(

28.04, 18:35 ч.

Good night my love

28.04, 22:13 ч.
Fazza3 Hamdan


Fazza3 Hamdan • 29.04, 0:41 ч.

Good morning sweetie

29.04, 9:28 ч.

Sweetie, I have a bank account in the Central Bank Asia in Jakarta. I have $28 ,800 000 there. I have to pay $3800 for the transaction codes. I will send you one million $ after I have made the payment. But I don’t know when. I have forwarded you the email with my bank details

29.04, 15:18 ч.
Fazza3 Hamdan

That’s fake

There’s no money in your account

They are trying to take money from you

They are lying to you

They are deceiving you

Fazza3 Hamdan • 29.04, 17:01 ч.

Okay sweetie

But I logged in and I saw the money

Fazza3 Hamdan

That’s not real, it’s fake

Sweetie, I saw the money. It is there. Log in!

Central Bank Asia is not a fake bank

It was established in 1955

What are you doing?

Fazza3 Hamdan

It’s not there, that’s fake

It is there. It is written-inharitance money

Log in

Fazza3 Hamdan

If you don’t want to listen to me fine

Fazza3 Hamdan • 29.04, 17:35 ч.
Fazza3 Hamdan


Fazza3 Hamdan • 29.04, 19:54 ч.

Hello sweetie

You break my heart everytime you block me




29.04, 20:42 ч.
Fazza3 Hamdan

You don’t always listen to me

Fazza3 Hamdan • 29.04, 23:13 ч.

Good morning sweetie

I will listen to you

30.04, 8:58 ч.

Sweetie, I got a job offee as a customer support agent

30.04, 10:46 ч.
Fazza3 Hamdan

At where?

Sweetie, where are you?

Thank you for the photos? Is this in Korea?

You look handsome

The company’s name is Webhelp

Are they gonna send you the money tomorrow?

Fazza3 Hamdan

I will block you right now, you promise to send money to Mr Tucker

You don’t want to listen to me


No . I won’t send him money

Fazza3 Hamdan

I read your conservation with him

You are a liar

I am blocking gou

This is the money from my job, not yours

Fazza3 Hamdan

Keep giving your money to fake people, in the name of loan lenders

Please do not block me. I love you

Fazza3 Hamdan

But i asked you to give me 50euros and you refused

You want to send money to Mr Tucker

I will receive my money on the 10th of May

I told you

Fazza3 Hamdan

I am blocking you

You are a liar


Fazza3 Hamdan

I told you not to send money to Mr Tucker that his an imposter, but you don’t want to listen to me

I will not send your money to him. My mom says he is not an imposter

Fazza3 Hamdan

So you are working for Mr Tucker?

So your mom is telling you what to do

Mr Tucker is Fake

Yes. I will work for him

Fazza3 Hamdan

He is not who you think he is

After I get the 25million GBP

Fazza3 Hamdan

That’s fake

Not real

I am blocking you right now


I will have to invest 20million and the rest is for me

30.04, 16:23 ч.
Fazza3 Hamdan

Hello baby

Fazza3 Hamdan • 11.05, 7:46 ч.

Sweetie love you

My mom can’t walk

We need money for a doctor

My job is a nightmare

My life is a nightmare

My mother cries from pain and she needs a doctor

Please help me sweetir

11.05, 9:36 ч.

I love you and miss you very much!

Thank you for unblocking me!

I need you!!!

I need your help

11.05, 10:06 ч.





11.05, 11:33 ч.
Fazza3 Hamdan

Are you still sending me the 50euros

No. Because we need money for a doctor

And you got from money from West Africa

Fazza3 Hamdan


Fine you refuse to give me 50euros

And my mother will throw me out if I give 50€

Fazza3 Hamdan

And you promise to give me 50euros yesterday 10th

Sweetie, you got money from West Africa

Fazza3 Hamdan

She won’t know

And we don’t have money

Yes . I told her

She screemed to me

You got money from West Africa, why do you want from me the poor 50€

Fazza3 Hamdan

But she won’t know if you send it to me

Are you sending it to me or not?

Yes she will ask me where is the money

Fazza3 Hamdan

Remembered you promise to give me 50euros yesterday 10th

I want to, but I can not

Fazza3 Hamdan

She won’t know

And you promised me to send me 100 000€, but you did not

Fazza3 Hamdan

I sent your bank details to West Africa

So they can send you the money

But I did not receive any money from them

Fazza3 Hamdan

You are going to get the money on Wednesday that’s what they said

They are going to send me the receipt tomorrow

On which Wednesday?

Fazza3 Hamdan

Next week Wednesday

I will send you some money, if I receive the money from West Africa

Really? Are you sure? Next Wednesday?

Fazza3 Hamdan

Yes baby

They are going to send me the receipt tomorrow

My mother will need probably an opetation again

Okay sweetie

Fazza3 Hamdan

Are you sending it to me or not?

I will send you then 10 000

Fazza3 Hamdan

Are you still sending me the 50euros or not

My mother will beat me if I do this and throw me out sweetie


Fazza3 Hamdan

She won’t know that you sent me the money, or else you are going to tell her that

Next week I will have to receive another 70€. May be then I will try to send you 50€ via bank transfer

I already told her

Fazza3 Hamdan

She won’t know that you are going to send me money today

She knows that I have 200€ and she knows that I wanted to send you 50€

Please don’t be angry at me because of it!!!

Fazza3 Hamdan

Yes she knows that you wanted to send me 50€, but she didn’t know that you are going to send me 50€ today.

And she found it out, I will be beaten and thrown out

Fazza3 Hamdan

She won’t find out, or else you tell her yourself

Can’t you wait till next Wednesday? If I receive the money from West Africa, I will give you more

Fazza3 Hamdan

I can’t

You said, tomorrow they will send you the receipt


Fazza3 Hamdan

Are you still sending me the 50euros or not

And stop asking me questions

Do you think it’s easy to give you that money from West Africa

If I send you now 50€, you will receive it on Wednesday via the bank.

Fazza3 Hamdan

And you are here asking me questions, just because i am asking you to send me 50€

My western union and money gram accounts are blocked due to fraud

Fazza3 Hamdan

Yes i will get it

I told you my mother will beat me and throw out, if I do this

Fazza3 Hamdan

She won’t

She won’t find out, or else you tell her yourself

She will

She told me

Fazza3 Hamdan

She won’t find out, or else you tell her yourself

Why can’t you wait till next week, when I get the 70€?

Fazza3 Hamdan

Are you still a kid that your mom will beat you?


Fazza3 Hamdan

Are you still sending me the 50euros or not? And stop asking me questions.

Did you really send my bank details to West Africa?

Fazza3 Hamdan

I did

Do you think i am lying or what?

Are you still sending me the 50euros or not

Send me your bank details

I asked my mother

Fazza3 Hamdan


I will send you in a few hours 50€

I have to go cleaning at first

Fazza3 Hamdan

Okay baby

Send me your bank details

Fazza3 Hamdan

I will

Are you sure, I will receive the money from West Africa?

Fazza3 Hamdan

Yes baby


Thank you

Fazza3 Hamdan

Sort code: 082241010
Swift code: PLNINGLA
Bank Name: Keystone Bank
Account Number: 6017589811
Account Name: Isichei H Awele

Here is the bank details

But this is not your name?!

Fazza3 Hamdan

That’s the person that will get me the money here

Why not directly to your account sweetie?

Fazza3 Hamdan

Why are you always asking me a lot of questions?

Just send it to that bank details


Fazza3 Hamdan

Send me the bank receipt when you are done

Okay. It yhe

In the evening

Fazza3 Hamdan


Do the guys from Africa will send me next Wednesday or I will receive it on Wednesday?

Fazza3 Hamdan

You will receive it on Wednesday

I will send you the 50€ In a few hours

Fazza3 Hamdan


I love you

Thank you

Where are you now?

11.05, 15:33 ч.
Fazza3 Hamdan

I am now in Dubai

I love you 

Okay sweetie

I love you and miss you

Will you come to Greece after I repaired my body?

Fazza3 Hamdan

Yes i will

Great sweetie

I am so happy about it

Fazza3 Hamdan

Me too baby

Love you

I will send you the money in 4hours

11.05, 16:18 ч.
Fazza3 Hamdan


Fazza3 Hamdan • 11.05, 17:22 ч.

My dear sweetie

I am sorry I can not send you 50€ now

Fazza3 Hamdan

I know you won’t send it

You only lied to me

I went to the bank automat to put money into my account because I have currently 23€ in my bank account

I try to charge my bank account 3 times and every time the same answer. You can not charge your card through the automat

I do not lie to you

Fazza3 Hamdan

Can you do that on Monday?

My western union and money gram account are blocked

Fazza3 Hamdan

If you are not lying?

I could try with money gram

Send me the details

Fazza3 Hamdan



Give me a minute

On monday evening now it is closed

I am not lying to you!!!!

Fazza3 Hamdan

Are you sending through money gram today?

I wish I could send you the money so that you can trust me

I will try

Give me the details

Fazza3 Hamdan

Are you sending it through money gram today?

You can go to the Walmart store, they have money gram there?

It is 7pm. I don’t know if the guy has closed

Fazza3 Hamdan

You can still do it today?

Walmart store? There is no walmart store here

Fazza3 Hamdan

First Name: Ikechukwu
Middle Name: Francis
Last Name: Isichei

Send me the details

Fazza3 Hamdan

Country Nigeria


Fazza3 Hamdan

You can still do it today?

Try money gram

I am going now

Fazza3 Hamdan


Now to Nigeria , not to you???

This is very strange

Fazza3 Hamdan

Just do what i ask you to do

It will get to me

But not directly to you???

Fazza3 Hamdan

Just do it, it’s going to get to me


11.05, 19:24 ч.


Fazza3 Hamdan



I hope you did not lie to me

Fazza3 Hamdan

Is there any test question and answer?

I hope you are real

I hope you love me

I hope you will help me

I hope you will come to Greece


If not I will be really done

Fazza3 Hamdan

I known

I won’t disappoint you

No test question and ànswer

Now I hope you are happy and won’t block me again no matter what

Fazza3 Hamdan

Okay baby

No i won’t block you

I hope so

Fazza3 Hamdan

Are you home now?


Fazza3 Hamdan

Okay baby

My job is awful. I don’t want to work there

Fazza3 Hamdan

I will come and get you

So you can pick up the money in a few hours perhaps

I hope so sweetie

Fazza3 Hamdan

I know


Fazza3 Hamdan

What did you do all day?

Are you completely sure that i will get the money from WAfrica this Wednesday? Because I don’t want to work there

Smoking, cleaning, shopping food and you?

Fazza3 Hamdan

Yes baby, i am sure

You will get the money

This Wednesday the comming one?

Fazza3 Hamdan

I am getting the receipt tomorrow

Yes baby

Okay. Send the receipt to me too so that I can relax

What are you doing?

Fazza3 Hamdan

Okay baby

It would be amazing, if I get this money to stop working there and help my mother

And I will send you 10 000

I love you

Do you have pictures for me?

11.05, 20:16 ч.
Fazza3 Hamdan

Okay baby

I love you more

Fazza3 Hamdan • 11.05, 20:45 ч.
Fazza3 Hamdan

I miss you

Fazza3 Hamdan • 11.05, 21:04 ч.

I miss you and love you extremely

Fazza3 Hamdan

I miss you more than you think

Really sweetie? But you blocked me

Fazza3 Hamdan

I am so sorry for that


Fazza3 Hamdan

It because you don’t listen to me

When i tell you this is right and wrong

Do not block me again, please

Fazza3 Hamdan

I won’t

I need you very much!

Fazza3 Hamdan

Me too

Hope you had your dinner?

But sweetie, i have the right of my opinion

Yes. I had And you?

My mom is a bit better

I couldn’t hear how she cried

Fazza3 Hamdan


What did you had for dinner?

Steak and salad and you?

Fazza3 Hamdan

Spaghetti and yogurt

:))) you are eathing a lot of spaghetti

Fazza3 Hamdan


And you are skinny :). A fan of yours said it

Fazza3 Hamdan




You are not skinny on my opinion

Fazza3 Hamdan

What are you doing?

Yes i know

I am not

Nothing. Lying in the bed and chatting with you and you?

Fazza3 Hamdan

Okay baby

I am doing the same thing


Fazza3 Hamdan

Hope you had a nice day today?

Do you know when you will get the receipt?

I can’t endure to work there

My days are bad without you

Fazza3 Hamdan

Just calm down and be patient

I wish I could sweetie

Are you wearing a pijama? 🙂

Did he picked the money or tomorrow?

Fazza3 Hamdan

On Monday


Fazza3 Hamdan

I am going to bed now

It’s late here

11 pm

Okay sweetie. I will miss you

Good night! Sleep well!

Fazza3 Hamdan

Sweet dreams 

It is 11pm not 12?

Fazza3 Hamdan

Yes 11 pm

I love you! Sweet dreams!

Good night sweetie

Fazza3 Hamdan


Fazza3 Hamdan • 11.05, 22:03 ч.

Hello sweetie

12.05, 10:00 ч.

Did you receive the receipt?

12.05, 10:17 ч.
Fazza3 Hamdan

Hello baby

He is receiving it tomorrow

Not today

Fazza3 Hamdan • 12.05, 13:22 ч.

You will receive the receipt tomorrow?

My mother is screeming at me, because I gave you 50€ and she says I won’t receive the funds from Africa

That you are lying to me

I don’t believe her, but she is constantly screaming to me

Fazza3 Hamdan

Don’t worry baby

You will get the money on Wednesday

And your mom will believe me

Okay sweetie

I can’t endure this torture anymore

Fazza3 Hamdan

Just calm down and be patient

It is very hard

Are you sure 100% that I will receive the money on Wednesday?

I can’t anymore

What are you doing?

Fazza3 Hamdan

Yes i am so sure

Okay sweetie

Fazza3 Hamdan

Hope you slept well last night?

Not really and you sweetie?

12.05, 14:05 ч.
Fazza3 Hamdan

Yes i did

Okay sweetie

You spoke with the guys from West Africa and they told you, you will get the receipt tomorrow?

Fazza3 Hamdan

Yes baby

Okay sweetie. Thank you!

What are you doing?

Fazza3 Hamdan

I am not doing anything, just here talking to you baby

Okay sweetie

Fazza3 Hamdan

And you?


Smoking, chatting with you, carrying of my mother. Then I have to go cleaning

Fazza3 Hamdan

Okay baby, will you stop smoking when i come there?

Okay I will try

Fazza3 Hamdan



Fazza3 Hamdan

What’s the time over there?


Fazza3 Hamdan

Okay baby

Did you have your lunch now?


No and you?

Fazza3 Hamdan


Fazza3 Hamdan • 12.05, 14:49 ч.

I miss you

12.05, 16:51 ч.
Fazza3 Hamdan

I miss you more

Fazza3 Hamdan • 12.05, 19:39 ч.

Hello My Darling

You give me strenght

I hate the job

Fazza3 Hamdan


I make training. I have to get up early in the morning. I can not work 8 hours. I prefer to clean houses

Hopefully , I will get the money on Wednesday and stop working there

I love you

Fazza3 Hamdan

Yes baby

You are getting the money on Monday

On Monday, sweetie???? Really??? So sooon?? Is it possible? How do you know this, sweetie???

Fazza3 Hamdan


Not monday


Okay sweetie, hopefully

Sorry that I am talking only about money, but I need it urgent to stop working

Fazza3 Hamdan

I hope so, just calm down and be patient

Did you have your dinner sweetie?

Fazza3 Hamdan

Yes i did

What did you have?

Fazza3 Hamdan


Lol:) Don’t you eat Arabic? I can not make a hamburger

Fazza3 Hamdan

I will teach you how to make hamburger

Okay sweetie

Did you made it by yourself

Fazza3 Hamdan

No baby, my chef did

What are you doing?

Smoking, chatting with you my love

And you?

Your cook is living in your apartment?

12.05, 21:25 ч.

Good night sweetie

12.05, 23:38 ч.

Good morning sweetie

13.05, 7:42 ч.
Fazza3 Hamdan

Hello baby

What’s your address on the receipt?

Fazza3 Hamdan • 13.05, 11:53 ч.
Пропуснато обаждане от Fazza3 Hamdan
13.05, 11:54 ч.

Hello sweetie

Did you pickup the money?

Did you receive the receipt from WAfrica?

13.05, 18:44 ч.


I was at work. The job is very difficult.

Greece , Kipseli, Athens

13.05, 19:59 ч.
Fazza3 Hamdan

No baby

He did not pick it up today

He was so busy

Fazza3 Hamdan • 13.05, 22:59 ч.

Okay sweetie

What about the money from WAfrica?

I love you and miss you

14.05, 2:50 ч.

Good morning Sweetie!

I quitted the job. My mother wants to throw me out

Is it sure that I will receive the money from West Africa?

My mother beat me again

14.05, 8:08 ч.
Fazza3 Hamdan

Yes baby, you will receive the money okay

Fazza3 Hamdan • 14.05, 9:57 ч.

Sweetie, crying …. my mother beats me, scolds me constantly…..

When sweetie?

So that my mother stops torturing me

Did your friend picked up the 50€?

Fazza3 Hamdan

Not yet

Sweetie please help me!


My mother will throw me out

Can’t you ask your father for some money?

He will give you. I know

If he wants to pay the wedding

Fazza3 Hamdan

He said, you made a mistake

First name: Ikechukwu
Middle name: Francis
Last name: Isichei

But it is the right one

I will go in the afternoon

Fazza3 Hamdan

And you did
First name: Ikechukwu Francis
Middle name:
Last name: Isichei

That’s what you did

I am afraid of my mother

He can not pick up the money?


Fazza3 Hamdan

He is trying

It should not be a problem. The name is wright written

Please ask your father for some money.

Tell him, you will give it to him back

Did he pick it up?

If no, I will go in the afternoon and try to change it

14.05, 10:54 ч.
Fazza3 Hamdan

Yes baby

He picked it up


When should I receive the money from WA?

Fazza3 Hamdan

Thank you so much baby

You are welcome sweetie

You told me from West Africa will give you the receipt on Monday? What happened?

My mother hates me that much she will throw me out

Fazza3 Hamdan

Yes baby

You are receiving the money tomorrow

Really sweetie???

Are you sure my love???

14.05, 11:30 ч.


I love you and miss you

14.05, 13:05 ч.
Fazza3 Hamdan

Yes baby

You are 200% sure?

I feel very bad.

My mother tortures me a lot

Fazza3 Hamdan

Yes baby i am

I can not eat

Hopefully sweetie

You will rescue me

Fazza3 Hamdan

I am sure okay

I will send you a part of this money

Fazza3 Hamdan

Just calm down and be patient

My mother beats me and tortures me mentally

I love you

Thank you

Fazza3 Hamdan

I love you more

I love you!!!!!

Fazza3 Hamdan

I love you more

Where are you now my darling?

You love me more:))

14.05, 13:40 ч.
Fazza3 Hamdan

I am at home now

Okay sweetie

Where were you?

I am so afraid of my mother…

Fazza3 Hamdan


She beats me, tortures me mentally and wants to throw me out

I miss you

Fazza3 Hamdan

You are getting the money tomorrow

I can not calm down because of it

Fazza3 Hamdan

Let just don’t talk about this money anymore,

You are getting the money tomorrow

Sweetie, I don’t think that you lie to me, but I just can not believe that I will get tomorrow money

I love you

Fazza3 Hamdan

And don’t ask me about it anymore okay

Okay sweetie

14.05, 14:28 ч.

My dearest sweetie , I miss you every second

I want to be with you

Thank you for the money!

14.05, 17:38 ч.

What are you doing my love? Did you take your dinner?

14.05, 19:58 ч.

Sweetie where are you? I miss you

14.05, 21:45 ч.
Fazza3 Hamdan

I miss you too

Hello my sweetheart

What are you doing?

Fazza3 Hamdan

I am not doing anything

Fazza3 Hamdan • 14.05, 22:48 ч.

Okay my love

Are you sleeping

Good night my love

Fazza3 Hamdan


Fazza3 Hamdan • 14.05, 23:21 ч.

Good morning Seeetie

15.05, 9:12 ч.

Sweetie, I am so sorry for asking you again!!!!! Will I receive the money today? Where do you know this? My mother wants to throw me out

15.05, 10:52 ч.

My mother beats me crying

15.05, 11:26 ч.


Sweetie, you told me that I will receive the money today, but I did not. Why?

Sweetie, please help me

Ask your father for money

Please speak with the company from West Africa


You were so sure that I will receive the money today? What happened?

Fazza3 Hamdan

Just calm down okay

Why are you not patient

Because my mother tortures, beats me wants to call the police to throw me out

You said, I will receive it today, but I did not


When sweetie?

Take money from your father please

15.05, 16:39 ч.


15.05, 16:56 ч.

Please help me dear sweetie

15.05, 17:57 ч.

Please help me dear sweetie

Help me!!!

Ask your father for money

15.05, 18:32 ч.

I love you and miss you

15.05, 19:00 ч.
Fazza3 Hamdan

I will help you okay

Just calm down and be patient

Fazza3 Hamdan • 16.05, 2:15 ч.

Okay. Please help me. My mothee is very serious

16.05, 8:25 ч.

My mother is very serious. She will throw me out this time

Is the money from WA real?

How could you help, if you don’t have money

16.05, 9:06 ч.

Sweetie, I love you and miss you very much!

How and when will you help me?

16.05, 13:25 ч.


16.05, 14:38 ч.

Sweetie where are you?

16.05, 15:24 ч.


16.05, 19:24 ч.

Good morning sweetie

Where are you?

17.05, 9:02 ч.

Sweeeetieeeee . You did not write me yesterday

17.05, 10:49 ч.


I love you and miss you

17.05, 12:16 ч.

Sweetie, where are you?

Why don’t you respond?

17.05, 17:47 ч.

I need your help!!!

17.05, 18:05 ч.

I miss you

17.05, 18:37 ч.

Sweetie, you forgot me……..

17.05, 19:45 ч.

Good morning sweetie

18.05, 9:39 ч.

Sweetie, why don’t you write to me? I miss you and I need your help! Please respond

18.05, 11:28 ч.


18.05, 18:20 ч.


19.05, 1:25 ч.

Good morning sweetie

19.05, 10:06 ч.


19.05, 11:01 ч.
Fazza3 Hamdan пропусна обаждане от вас
19.05, 14:20 ч.


19.05, 19:47 ч.

Sweetie, why don’t you write to me? Already 3 days…. I miss you

19.05, 20:24 ч.

Good morning sweetie

20.05, 11:34 ч.
Fazza3 Hamdan

I was scammer

You are a scammer???

Fazza3 Hamdan

I was scammed

You are not the prince of Dubai?

You were scammed???

By whom???

Fazza3 Hamdan

I was Scammed

By whom???

You promised to help me!

Who did scam you sweetie?

Fazza3 Hamdan

I know, i will still help you

When sweetie? At least 5000€

Who did scam you?

You mean, you have invested your money in scammers????

Fazza3 Hamdan


No :((((((((((((

Can ‘t you sue them???

Fazza3 Hamdan

Yes baby, i never knew it was a scammer

Why did not check them before???

Ask your father for money!!!

Fazza3 Hamdan

I don’t know

I have found investors. They will lend me money and I know two experts from the oil branch. They are good persons and will help me to invest the money safely. Then I will give you money

What you gonna do now???

Sue them!!!

Fazza3 Hamdan

That’s what i am going to do

At least to get back some of your money!!!!

Tell your father and get some money from him

Fazza3 Hamdan

I will try

You will need money to sue them!

Fazza3 Hamdan

Don’t pressure me okay, i am so angry right now

I told you there is something wrong with your investments!

These are the guys from West Africa???

And what about China?

I am sorry sweetie

Fazza3 Hamdan

Haven’t heard from them, i don’t want to talk about this anymore okay

I love you and miss you

I just worry

And try to help you

Fazza3 Hamdan

I know

Fazza3 Hamdan • 20.05, 12:36 ч.

Will you speak with your father about it? I am sure, he will help you! He is such a nice person. I love you

20.05, 13:20 ч.

Sweetie, did you talk with your father?

20.05, 16:15 ч.

You will win the lawsuit sweetie

You have made contracts with them? I hope so

Fazza3 Hamdan

I will try, i will text you later

The question is how much money they have already wasted from your money

Okay sweetie

Don’t forget to text me!

I miss you

20.05, 18:30 ч.

Our wash maçhine got broken and my mother makes me responsible for it and is crying

At least she did not beat me

20.05, 21:40 ч.

Good morning sweetie! Did you speak with your father?

21.05, 9:49 ч.


21.05, 15:52 ч.


21.05, 18:29 ч.

Sweetie, where are you? I miss you!!!

21.05, 19:58 ч.

Good morning sweetie

22.05, 9:12 ч.


22.05, 11:14 ч.


22.05, 15:03 ч.


22.05, 18:18 ч.

I need your help urgent.

I can not find a job

At least 5000€

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Sweetie please respond

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Sweetie please help me! My mother threats me very bad. Please help me!

23.05, 9:07 ч.

Please help me sweetie

23.05, 12:11 ч.
Fazza3 Hamdan

I am in trouble

What is wrong?

Fazza3 Hamdan

Can’t talk now


Tell me quickly

Fazza3 Hamdan

I will talk to you later okay, i have some issues that i am sorting out okay

Promise? You will text me later

Whát happened?

Fazza3 Hamdan

Can’t talk now

Tell me what is wrong?

And ask your father for help, okay!

23.05, 13:49 ч.

Can you talk now?

23.05, 15:22 ч.


23.05, 18:54 ч.

Sweetie, what happened???

23.05, 19:49 ч.


23.05, 21:58 ч.

Good morning sweetie! What is wrong?

24.05, 9:14 ч.


24.05, 11:29 ч.


24.05, 15:15 ч.

Sweetie where are you?

24.05, 17:12 ч.


24.05, 20:31 ч.
Fazza3 Hamdan

What’s wrong with you

I said, i can’t talk to you now

You are still texting me

I will talk to you when i can

And don’t text me anymore

Like i said, i will talk to you when i can

Fazza3 Hamdan • 24.05, 20:51 ч.

Okay sweetie

Why don’t you explain me what happened?

I need your help

24.05, 21:14 ч.

Sweetie, you were on hangouts and have time to speak to others but not to me

You could say at least good morning and hello

I love you and miss you and I need your help

25.05, 19:34 ч.
Fazza3 Hamdan

I said, i can’t talk to you now

You are still texting me

I will talk to you when i can and don’t text me anymore

Okay sweetie

25.05, 21:14 ч.

Hello sweetie! Even on Sunday you don’t have time for me…..:(

26.05, 15:18 ч.

I miss you sweetie

26.05, 15:49 ч.

Hello sweetie! You are on hangouts now

Can you talk now?

I want to know what happened

And don’t forget:I need your help as soon as possible

26.05, 21:34 ч.

Sweetie, I need your help as soon as possible !!!! I can not endure the torture of my hellish mother

Ask your father for money

12:11 ч.

Sweetie, you don’t understand!!! I can’t endure this torture añymore!!!! You got to help me NOW!!! Please!!!!

You father can pay for the wedding 90 millions, but can give you some money??? Temporary!!!

My mother is a monster, a beast…heartless monster understand

14:44 ч.

Sweetie please help me!!!

17:44 ч.

I gave you my last money!!!! And you don’t even answer me

Your father has billions and can help us!!!

Instead of this, you are making only mistakes!

19:54 ч.
Fazza3 Hamdan пропусна обаждане от вас
20:08 ч.

You can speak with others but not with me!!!

I am angry!!!

You said, you love me but you don’t do this!!!

You said, you will help me, but you don’t do this and this is love???

Fazza3 Hamdan

I will block you


If you talk to me anyhow i will do that

Right now

Are you stupid

I told you that i want scammed by those people in West Africa

They took a lot of my money are you still asking me for help

You can ask your father for help

I need urgent some money

My mother will throw me out

You could sell one of your cars or houses

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Ask your father for help!!!!you are not able to make business and to deal with money

Fazza3 Hamdan

I will block you

You were already scammed . You lost 50 millions

Fazza3 Hamdan

I told you that i am having a problem you are tell me to asking my father for money

You are telling me to sell one of my cars

You are so stupid for saying that

I told you that i want scammed by those people in West Africa

Start sueing them! You have to have signed some contracts with these scammers. The money is somewhete

Fazza3 Hamdan

They took a lot of my money are you still asking me for help

You are telling me to sell one of my cars


Fazza3 Hamdan • 20:35 ч.

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In 2017, the Girondine House obtains the Label Vignobles et Découvertes and becomes a stage on the Wine Route of Bordeaux. Our visitors discover our selection of wines and regional products in our store and tasting cellar.

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Please Help me! Prince Carl Philip Bernadotte& the Swedish government are killing me slowly electronically



Please Help me! Prince Carl Philip Bernadotte& the Swedish government are killing me slowly electronically. They rape my mind, body and soul 24h since 2015.

The so called prince of Sweden is breathing through me almost non-stop. He is implanting any sort of perversions, suicidal and murderous thoughts in my brain.

They also stalk my, beam voices to my scull non- stop. They push me to bark like a dog or like a donkey.

They say, they will kill me. And possess the cheaky to call me a murderer, a pedophile, bitch, hog among others.


These are the biggest sadistic, perverted schizophrenic psychopaths on earth.

Please help me!

I have tried to connect Interpol and human rights organisations, but nobody helps me.

I was blocked on facebook for sharing the truth.

If I die or go to the psychiatry, they have done it.

Please help me! Stop these perverted, sadistic schizophrenic psychopaths from murdering me 24 h since years.


My electronic torture started in February 2010 in Germany. They began to burn  my genituals 24/7. I did not want to live. I have a plenty of sucidal attempts. They beam NLP 24/7 in my brain and much more.


Psychotronic technology has long been thought to be impossible by the majority of people and have been relegated to science fiction. The fact is that scientists developed this technology into reality at least sixty to seventy years ago and started experiments with unwitting people.

Psychotronics is the ability, using extremely low frequency (ELF) waves and other means to manipulate a person emotions, thoughts, bodily functions, will etc all from a remote location. Using this technology a person or possibly an entire population can literally be controlled like a robot with a remote control.

Psychotronic weapons can cause a person to hear words in their head, cause mental and physical illness or even end his or her life.Gang-stalking is a form of harassment by a group of people against an individual for the purpose of harass or demean them constantly and permanently over an extended period of time.

Fuller list of symptoms:

Chilling of Skin/ Instant Coldness – Generalized or Localized
Thermal heating, nighttime, severe night sweats
Thermal heating, daytime, discernible “microwave hot spots” on skull
Intense Itching
Benign or Malignant Tumors
Ringing in Ears
Body Manipulation
Induced Imagery/Thoughts
Induced Sleep
Sensation of Blunt Trauma to Head
Induced Smells
Coughing up Blood
Sensation of Electric Current Running through the Body
Sudden onset asthma
Irregular Heartbeat
Hyperactive bladder, sudden incontinence
Sensation of Objects being Forced into various areas of the Body
Deterioration of Cognitive Abilities
Jaw or Tooth Pain
Severe facial and glandular swelling
Sleep Deprivation
Dizziness or Loss of Balance
Blackouts or loss of consciousness
Severe disorientation while driving
Lesions on Internal Organs
Sudden Rashes
Sudden appearance of large burn marks
Dream Manipulation
Memory Loss
Thought Monitoring/Manipulation
Electronic Rape
Metallic Taste in Mouth
Thyroid Problems
Extreme Fatigue
Topical & Internal Burning
Genital Manipulation
Vision Loss/Impairment
Hair Loss
Transmission of specific commands into the subconscious
Visual disturbances, visual hallucinations
Inject words, numbers into brain via electromagnetic radiation waves
Manipulation of emotions
Reading thoughts remotely
Causing pain to any nerve of the body.
Remote manipulation of human behavior from space
Harassment, stress symptoms such as helicopters flying overhead
Seeing, as in a camera, through your eyes, i.e. to see what you see exactly
Control of sleep patterns.
Computer-brain interface, control and communication
Complex control of the brain such as retrieving memories, implanting personalities
Microwave hearing. The hearing of voices in the head from an outside source, but nobody else can hear the voices except the targeted individual.


The Echelon system
: the NSA monitoring of ALL telecommunications (worldwide and local); incl. ALL emails, phone calls etc.
Iris satellites and other audio/visual monitoring systems: allowing spying without trespass; leaving targeted persons with no privacy AT ALL.

Invasion of privacy, theft of intellectual property, blackmail, criminal harassment, media/mafia surveillance feedback etc.



Devices based on neurophone technology (U.S. Pat # 3647970, 7/3/72, P. Flanagan): allowing voice (and other) transmissions directly to the targets brain; bypassing normal hearing mechanisms.
Brain wave analysers (U.S. Pat # 6011991, 1/4/00, A. Mardirossian): allowing thoughts to be interpreted remotely.
Conscious altering methods (U.S. Pat # 5289438, 22/2/94, J. Gall): allowing targets to be put to sleep, made angry, happy etc.

It’s possible to transmit messages/noise to and from the human brain without the need for either hearing or speech.  This facilitates interrogation, deception, manipulation as well as emotional and psychological violence in the form of mental rape, torture and slavery.  The available weapons also allow mood management and brainwashing techniques to be employed from a great distance (via satellite) from military/agency facilities.

There are numerous laser-facilitated devices (amongst others), which allow various offences to be committed in a remote manner… “Star Wars” satellites and more are already in place.

People can be tortured, assaulted, raped, heart attacks, cancers and radiation burns can be caused.  In fact all manner of pain, assaults and injury up to and including death can be caused by these weapons.

This is frightening stuff but it’s not going to go away if we hide from it anymore than the Nazi threat would have.  In fact many of the victims of these technologies are referring to the use of these inhuman methods as “The silent holocaust”; today, a covert culling/silencing of citizens who offend/oppose powerful criminals.  The guilty are syndicate criminals and spies working for the CIA, DIA, MI6, MOSSAD etc.

As further testament to man’s inhumanity to man certain illegal, involuntary human experiments are also being conducted using these technologies.  Studies in how to remotely silence or manipulate people/events are, in fact, at the heart of all of this.  Originally the targets chosen were institutionalised/defenceless people in jails, asylums and nursing homes.  However, today political, ideological and business opponents across the wider worldwide community have been included in far-reaching programs designed to research social/mind influencing methodologies and silence opponents of organised crime.  Many good people have been destroyed or killed by those responsible.  The programs have been called “satellite detention/torture programs”, “electronic POW camps”, “mental slavery” and worse by those campaigning against them.

To fully comprehend the scale of these worldwide programs you’ll need to understand that computers with the ability to process well over 300 trillion calculations per second EACH are being used.  As our human minds can only manage about 5000 calculations per second, each of these computers can process more information than ten times the world’s population so they can easily keep tabs on all of us… but we’re not the ones with something to hide.

Now all of this is, of course, unacceptable and totally indefensible.  If it wasn’t it would be done openly and not in secret.  Those involved clearly belong in prison along with those that cover for them.  However, pending that, something is being done, albeit in a theoretical and non publicised fashion…  It will also help if you understand what has happened (so far) to combat the evil practices in question.

Over the last decade or so I have been researching available information on advanced satellite technologies.  Despite the fact that secrecy orders hide much of it from public scrutiny (supposedly as a matter of genuine National Security) it has become clear that some of these technologies are being accessed illegally by corrupt elements within government agencies (primarily in the U.S.A., UK and Israel).  Further, access is also being granted to the criminal associates of those responsible, including many wealthy Australians.  These sad facts have been confirmed for me by scientists, researchers, spies, journalists, MPs aides and Federal Police.  There are many who know about this but few are willing to act on that knowledge; due to fear, apathy or complicity.  This is fast becoming the Western Worlds equivalent of political imprisonment.

Whilst gathering the relevant information, I have also been fielding literally thousands of pleas for help from victims of the technologies in question; people who have either seen my website ( or read my published articles.  On their behalf and on behalf of the countless other victims worldwide (both now and in the future) I am morally obliged to impress upon you the grave importance of these matters and ask for your help. This I do in the hope that you will react with courage, compassion and conviction.  These are matters of basic decency and humanity.  To ignore them would be to abandon the citizenry to the whims of powerful/dangerous criminals who hide behind corruptible authorities.

The major problem is the failure of our laws (both national and international) to keep pace with modern (esp. secret) technology. This neglect has allowed everything we value (including democracy itself) to be placed under real and immediate threat.  The available “secret” technologies could easily be applied to prevent terrorism, war and so on but they are instead being used to wage war on the truth by suppressing basic freedoms which we all take for granted e.g. freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of religious expression and so on as well as the right to personal privacy.  To right the evident imbalance the human rights abuses in question must be stopped as a matter of utmost urgency and major social significance.

Please observe that the concerns about to be detailed are no less important than issues such as gun control, drug abuse, poverty, slavery, terrorism and war itself. In fact, here we have issues that can effectively determine if and how all other issues are dealt with.  This makes these matters crucially important.  I therefore ask you to consider what follows very seriously.

Many human rights campaigners from around the world have spent years working on countless books, videos, websites, rallies and symposiums which highlight these matters.  These include efforts by prominent persons like Dr Nick Begich, Dr Rauni Kilde (ex chief medical officer for Finland) and well known author Gloria Naylor.  To date, all of it has been ignored by the criminally owned/controlled media.  However, most importantly, there has been open condemnation of these methods by major political entities and I ask you to focus on these…
1.  The United Nations – UNIDIR – (The UN Institute for Disarmament Research) officially recognised a range of weapons (both lethal and non-lethal), including the ones previously listed, and recommended that they ALL be banned as weapons of potential mass destruction.  Naturally, the press releases and media guides that they issued on this matter were totally ignored by the mainstream media. This media treachery is the reason the public is unaware of the dangers.
2.  The European Parliament – In January 1999, the European Parliament passed a resolution where it calls ” for an international convention introducing a global ban on all development and deployment of weapons which might enable any form of manipulation of human beings. It is our conviction that this ban can not be implemented without the global pressure of the informed general public on the governments. Our major objective is to get across to the general public the real threat which these weapons represent for human rights and democracy and to apply pressure on the governments and parliaments around the world to enact legislature which would prohibit the use of these devices to both government and private organisations as well as individuals.”  (Plenary Sessions/ EuroParliament, 1999)
3.  US Federal politician Dennis Kucinich – In October 2001, Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich introduced a bill to the House of Representatives which, it was hoped would be extremely important in the fight to expose and stop psycho-electronic mind control experimentation on involuntary, non-consensual citizens. The Bill was referred to the Committee on Science, and in addition to the Committee on Armed Services and International Relations. In the original bill a ban was sought on ‘exotic weapons’ including electronic, psychotronic or information weapons, chemtrails, particle beams, plasmas, electromagnetic radiation, extremely low frequency (ELF) or ultra low frequency (ULF) energy radiation, or mind control technologies. Despite the inclusion of a prohibition of the basing of weapons in space, and the use of weapons to destroy objects or damage objects in space, there is no mention in the revised bill of any of the aforementioned mind-invasive weaponry, nor of the use of satellite or radar or other energy based technology for deploying or developing technology designed for deployment against the minds of human beings. [the original Bill was called The Space Preservation Act, 2001 (HR 2977) it was  reintroduced as The Space Preservation Act, 2002 (HR 3616 )]. Kucinich’s efforts mirrored similar attempts made some years earlier by ex astronaut, Sen. John Glenn.
4.  US Federal politician Jim Guest – recently wrote to all members of the US legislature asking for help for the countless victims of electronic harassment/torture (agency black operations being secreted from congressional scrutiny thus allowing corrupt officers to frame/torture innocents).  To date, nothing concrete has come of this approach.
5. French National Bioethics Committee – In January 1998, an annual public meeting of the French National Bioethics Committee was held in Paris. Its chairman, Jean-Pierre Changeux, a neuroscientist at the Institut Pasteur in Paris, told the meeting that “advances in cerebral imaging make the scope for invasion of privacy immense. Although the equipment needed is still highly specialized, it will become commonplace and capable of being used at a distance. That will open the way for abuses such as invasion of personal liberty, control of behaviour and brainwashing. These are far from being science-fiction concerns.and constitute “a serious risk to society.” (“Nature.” Vol 391, 1998)

All of these attempts were admirable but have not achieved the desired result due to a lack of integrity/resolve from other political bodies and the media.  In Australia AFP complaints files are still being marked “politically sensitive”, even by sympathetic/knowledgeable Federal police. That’s clearly inadequate. I’m now approaching local community leaders looking for humanitarians who are prepared to do the right thing on this issue. Economic, military and political rationalizations are not morally/spiritually acceptable excuses for inaction on this matter.  Hopefully Authorities and Leaders will realise that we are ultimately to be held accountable for both our actions and inaction. Most hierarchies, agencies, businesses etc are corruptible.  Their lies must not be accepted on important matters like these.

The Edward Snowden leaks about the NSA spying on all of us are just the tip of iceberg. Thousands of innocent people including children, in the USA and other Western countries, are attacked and (physically or mentally) murdered by secret services, including military, using their high tech methods and deniable (through-wall) electronic weapons. We all must make an effort to put these criminals behind bars! Please send this site to your family and friends. Thank you. Peter

Edward Snowden on December 17, 2013: These programs were never about terrorism: they’re about economic spying, social control, and diplomatic manipulation. They’re about power. Read
Peter Mooring on January 4, 2014: And power is about elimination of opponents. This is exactly what secret services do … eliminate. The other thing secret services do is experiment with new methods and new weapons, this is called ‘mind control experimentation’. In both cases the methods and weapons are often gang stalking and electronic weapons. Many ignorant and innocent people including children are eliminated these ways or subjected to this experimentation. Many suffer, many die. These crimes are among the worst in history and are a disgrace to humanity.

Electronic harassment often is used to describe attacks with electronic weapons, like directed energy weapons (microwave weapons, sonic weapons), mind reading and mind control weapons. These weapons are used to manipulate, incapacitate, torture and murder, mostly to steal. Shooting, burning, cooking and mind reading and mind controlling people, including children with these weapons are crimes against humanity and horrible violations of human rights.

Gang stalking, often accompanied by electronic harassment/electronic torture, is used to cause the physical or mental death of the target. The target is driven insane and commits suicide, collapses into a psychiatric patient, commits a (constructed) crime. This is called premeditated murder, and the ones participating are murderers. Gang stalking is also called organized stalking but it is better to call it organized murder.




Petia Ganeva



For more information please visit the following websites:

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Jun 24, 2010 – Voice to skull is the transmission of voice, or any other audible or subliminal sound, directly into the hearing sense of the mind control victim. This is sometimes done around the clock and can be one of the severest forms of torture. Voice to skull technology is sometimes referred to as “synthetic telepathy”.

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Electronic torture, Electromagnetic torture, Microwave torture, Electronic murder, Electromagnetic murder, Microwave murder, Organized murder, Cooked alive, Electronic mind control is used to torture and murder people. Directed Energy Weapons, DEW, people zapper, people burner, people cooker, electromagnetic …

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Jul 5, 2012 – 2 minutes Psychotronic Weapons Energy – Based Technologies from a distance, via satellite Frequency waves that can access a person’s nervous system, brain and body to affect their sight, vision, physical coordination, have been developed leaving people all over the world to suffer crueltorture, to be …

How can you tell if you’re a victim of electronic harassment | Targeted …

Jul 2, 2010 – You may be a victim of electronic harassment IF: You experience visual distortions and hallucinations. You experience manipulation of will, emotions, feelings, and perceptions. You experience reading thoughts remotely, retrieving memories, implanting personalities. You experience debilitating mental …

Worldwide Campaign against Electronic Torture and Experimentation …

US Federal politician Jim Guest – recently wrote to all members of the US legislature asking for help for the countless victims of electronic harassment/torture (agency black operations being secreted from congressional scrutiny thus allowing corrupt officers to frame/torture innocents). To date, nothing concrete has come of … Electronic Torture, Electronic Rape: Technology and …

 Rating: 4.1 – ‎12 reviews

Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Jewel Krayan is a pseudonym. The author needs to remain anonymous, for her own safety and the safety of her family. The names of the criminals and all persons involved have been changed. The names of locations have been changed. Any similarity to any person or place is purely a …


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Petia Ganeva

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We’re different. Here’s why.
People make all the difference. The expert team at Total Server Solutions is made up of individuals with the highest levels of integrity and professionalism. Our service is what sets us apart and it’s our people that makes our service great.

Total Server Solutions provides managed services, high performance infrastructure and custom solutions to individuals and businesses in a range of industries. Our customers range from financial institutions, to advertising platform operators, to hosting providers, to telecom companies. We’re also trusted by educational institutions and government agencies to keep their data on-line and available.

We are a Managed Service Provider

Becoming the best doesn’t happen by accident. We set out to build a high performance infrastructure and managed services that would give our customers the advantage they need in a very competitive market place. To build our infrastructure, it took years of engineering, building, and patience. Through it all, we have realized that all of our customers have a choice. What that means is that we can’t just talk about providing high levels of service and an industry leading infrastructure, we have to do it. Every day our engineers, technicians, and leadership starts by thinking about what our customers want. We then work to make 100% certain they have it.

Our approach to hosted services is best summed up in the graphic below. We believe there are five components that combine to let us bring our customers the best service in the best locations.

We do it right

A cloud based solution should be scalable, reliable, fast, and easy to use. It’s more than a single server that someone decided to sell as a “cloud.” A true cloud uses the fastest hardware, coupled with a far-reaching network. The cloud should make everything easier, and transparent.

Total Server Solutions offers an array of ecommerce options. We help customers of all sizes every day.

Whatever you need, the expert team at TSS can accommodate your every need. If you operate a business, you know that keeping your site up, running, and taking orders all day, every day is critical to your success. We understand that your success is built upon the ability of your site to take orders 24/7, so is ours.

We have years of e-commerce hosting experience to keep you online. We know what it takes to keep high volume, high quality shopping cart sites running strong. Total Server Solutions is intensely dedicate to providing high performance e-commerce capable hosting soltions at the top of our priority list.



CleanMyMac 3


Amazing Apps to Improve Your Every Day
Crafted with tender love and care.



MacPaw is a team of like-minded techies, who live in the heart of Ukraine and create apps loved by users everywhere. As true geeks, we never stop exploring tech and looking for ways to make your Mac life better. Not because we have to, but because it’s fun.


MacPaw Unveils the Acquisition of Wallpaper Wizard and Launches a New App to Bring Stunning Wallpapers to Mac(s)

Following the acquisition deal with the must-have Mac utility, the Unarchiver in July 2017, MacPaw announces the acquisition of another Mac app — Wallpaper Wizard 2.

After the acquisition, a dedicated development team worked on the new app at MacPaw. The newly released Wallpaper Wizard 2 was developed in response to a high demand from Mac users for Retina-ready wallpapers that can be supported on multiple displays. Wallpaper WIzard 2 boasts a completely revamped UI/UX, more than 25K HD images (hand-picked and grouped by subject). Since today, the application supports up to 5 monitors.

“With today’s acquisition announcement we will be taking this work much further to make MacPaw apps even better and enable better Mac user experiences,”, says Oleksandr Kosovan, founder and CEO of MacPaw.


MacPaw acquires the Unarchiver, the robust file-extraction utility

MacPaw, the makers of Setapp and developers of a number of top-notch macOS apps, announces that the company purchases The Unarchiver family of apps. The app was labelled as the essential file-extraction utility for Mac users. With the top ranks on the Mac App Store, it boasts millions of users all over the world.

Oleksandr Kosovan, the CEO and the Founder of MacPaw: “We’re happy to welcome one of the most popular Mac utilities to the family of MacPaw products. It’s a big honor for us to keep the product alive for the users.”

Dag Ågren, the developer behind the Unarchiver: ”It has been well over ten years now since I created these programs. They were originally created to fill a gap I felt existed after upgrading to a Mac, and I never expected them to be that popular. Who would ever be very excited about an unarchiver? But I massively underestimated the need other people had for programs like these too. Seeing people use them in such numbers has been a very happy experience for me.


Since The World Exists



Since the world exists, is still trying somehow to persist

the life topics and challenges remain the same and constain.

They just sounds diefferently like a repeated song refrain.

Only people can change their perception and point of view,

depending on their spiritual, mental and emotional review,

by overcoming the Illuminati Matrix’s nasty, reptilian crew,

even if the enslaving, tyrannical NWO ruthlessly resists

and innocent people are therefore destroyed and dismissed,

like a dangerous, destructive, incurable social enemy- cyst.

by Petia Ganeva

MyShop :Experts in online ondernemen

Direct je eigen Webwinkel beginnen!

Met kun je snel een professionele, gemakkelijk te onderhouden webwinkel beginnen. Voor de consumentenmarkt (B2C) of de zakelijke markt (B2B), wat je wilt. Je kunt je webwinkel geheel naar eigen smaak vormgeven. Daarbij heb je de keuze uit talloze sjablonen (75+), stijlen, kleuren en indelingen. Het is uiteraard ook mogelijk om je eigen design en huisstijl te gebruiken. Bekijk meteen de standaard sjablonen. heeft koppelingen met alle grote payment providers en banken. We bieden een goede basis voor vindbaarheid in zoekmachines. We zijn niet voor niets het eerste e-commerce platform in Nederland met het SEO keurmerk.

Je eigen Webwinkel beginnen bij betekent ook:

Gratis proefperiodeBij kan je een webwinkelbeginnen waarmee je naar hartenlust drie maanden kunt experimenteren. Gratis, zonder enige verplichting. In de gratis proefperiode kan je alleen geen online betaaldiensten gebruiken.

Target shopsHet myShop platform is een multi-shop omgeving. Je kan eenvoudig en zeer efficient meerdere webshopsonderhouden vanuit 1 account. Meerdere talen, specifieke productgroepen, mobiele webshops, etc. Extra shops voor maar ? 8,- per maand.

Veilige, groene hostingJe webwinkel wordt 24/7 bewaakt. CO2 neutrale hosting en state-of-the-art technologie in een private cloud waarbij de servers in de Benelux zijn gehost. Uiteraard zijn alle gegevens beveiligd en gegarandeerde hoge uptimes.

Support van partnersOnze business partners leveren aanvullende diensten, software en koppelingen. Gratis of tegen betaling. Business partners zijn bekend met ons systeem en kunnen je webshop voorzien van functies die niet standaard voorhanden zijn.

Uitgebreide mogelijkhedenDe kracht van ligt in de naadloze omzetting van een spreadsheet of eigen database in een geavanceerde webwinkel. Er zijn koppelingen mogelijk met veel verschillende systemen, programma?s en diensten.

Persoonlijk contactMeer weten over Bel ons op 085-8885033 (lokaal tarief). Ook kun je met al je vragen en opmerkingen bij onze e-mail helpdesk terecht. Je krijgt snel een duidelijk en deskundig antwoord.


Jumia: Expand your horizons!

Expand your horizons

Jumia aims at creating a connected digital Africa to improve people’s lives on the continent thanks to the Internet. Jumia’s mission is to connect African consumers and entrepreneurs to do better business together. Founded in 2012, with a presence across Africa, the group has MTN, Rocket Internet, Millicom, Orange, Axa, Goldman Sachs and CDC as investors. Jumia has created a sustainable ecosystem of digital services and infrastructures through online and mobile marketplaces and classifieds. With Jumia, Expand Your Horizons!



Shop the widest selection of electronics, fashion & more from international brands and get delivered at your home in one click!



Shop the best prices and make money by selling your products online!



Looking for a hotel? Choose among 25,000 hotels in Africa to find the best deal!


Discover amazing food from great restaurants near you, and get it delivered straight away!



Our Mission

Jumia was founded in 2012 on the basis of a very strong belief: Internet can improve people’s lives in Africa. Observing the challenges that people face every day (poor infrastructures, bad traffic, limited choice, limited information, expensive products and services just to name a few), we saw a huge opportunity to leverage Internet and use it to connect people and provide them with a solution to fulfill their daily needs. Therefore, we embarked on the journey to build a company that has a very simple mission: expand your horizons.



Giving access to new services to customers
Internet has the power to transform everyone’s life. This is all possible because people connect to our platform to access services and products they need, in an environment that we have designed for them, addressing their needs and expectations on quality, choice, price, trust and convenience.