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The Messiah Barry from the “The World Leaders I”

The Messiah Barry

theworldleaderscoverthemessiah barryfuzzy


An enlighten, bold reptilian hybrid snorts thirsty on a daily base cocaine as a nasty,

insane rut,

who has married with an illuminati secret arragenment to a transgender fleshy,vane, narcissistic butt,

entered illegally in 2009 the old serpent’s drug & sodomy corporate trade house

in the American archon’s nest Washington DC fast,

stucked pompously, fraudulently on the president’s chair to make humanity’s final enslavenment cut,

patronized generously by the deviant, spastic elders Kissinger and Rockerfeller with homicidal glut,

in order of the Rothschild Ashke-Nazi hemophilic, blood sucking hypocritic fat louse,

annointed fanatically by his chosen ones

to bring salvation to the manipulated buns.

The charasismatic, openhanded, ashkenazi Messiah of the entire world has a bogus, fictional past,

but he wants in any way to rescue, heal the mankind with drugs,diseases,wars, terror, thievery vast.

The nobel high priest of peace uses drones to break worldwide sadisticly innocent skulls and bones,

togehter with the rest of the international governmental and corporate Luciferian sodomic,evil horns.

by Petia Ganeva

All Rights Reserved.2014

This is just a part of a raw poem version.

Soon You can buy the whole poem from my e- shop on wordpress at first.