Monthly Archives: January 2015

I am my own fan

I am my own loving, respectful, happy fan.

God is my forgiving Father and Eternal Zen.

by Petia Ganeva

You can use these verses as a daily affirmation, 

if You lack of Self Love, Self Respect & Self Confidence.

I am my own loving, respectful, happy fan.

God is my forgiving Father and Eternal Zen

Don’t expect to be loved unconditionally by all others,

especially if they are not your divine sisters and brothers.

If you love, trust and pray to God and His son Jesus Christ,

you will be for ever happy, loved, blessed and priced,

even if the rest of the world is cruel, perverted and iced.

by Petia Ganeva

Ignorance is not a divine bliss

Ignorance is not a divine bliss.
It’s Satan’s deceitful, dim kiss,
sucking Your soul viciously dry,
drawing You numb and just sly.
You won’t fly to the angelic sky,
when You ignore the Most High,
while You listen to the devil’s lie,
snubbing even your own bitter cry,
because of false pride and dark guide.
You spirit might have actually died,
if you stay ignorant of Your heart’s voice,
making the inappropriate, damning choice
to praise Satan’s wrong, twisted knowledge,
instead of following God’s enlighten college.
Ignorance is a BIG narrow- minded, dark plague,
kidnapping You blindly in the bestial, inferno hague,
till You start thinking, feeling, seeing entirely vague.

by Petia Ganeva

In God I trust

In God I honestly trust,

not in Satan’s filthy lust.

The reptilian lust is like a nasty rust-

erodes severely the body and the soul,

disconnect You stat from the divine Source,

bores harshly dark holes in Your lightful whole,

redirects You straight into self destruction course,

Your Spirit will be scattered, feel lost like a sawdust.

Adjust Your heart to unconditional love to stay robust.

 Overcome the devil’s cussed temptetion, not to combust, 

Make Satan with Your steadfast trust in God really nonplussed,

 disgusted deeply from his unjust flesh trussed and love mistrust.

by Petia Ganeva

Accomplices of the Devil


Hate, envy, greed and lust make people ugly, blind, stupid, real evil,

turn them into faithful accomplices of the wicked, insane, cruel devil. 

Love fills You with wisdom and blissful, paradisal life,

heals Your broken heart from any gruesome, fell strife,

gives You hope and strenghtens Your Spirit with faith.

Thus, You become an unshakeable, shiny God’s dearly mate,

looking always to create goodness, even if there is a big strait.

by Petia Ganeva