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Prime Gorgeous- My Design & Cosmetics Brand

Prime Gorgeous

All Rights Reserved! 2015

I want to make & sell healthy, elegant and comfortable clothes,
for each occasion already this year,
Additonally I want to produce and sell also  healthy,  chemical free cosmestics, perfumes, candles as soon as possible.

Candles with herbals and aroma essences of different healing flowers.

Healing Jewerly with healing crystalls and gem stones.


I already have made two cosmetic products, which I will sell as soon as possble:


a natural medicine against foot fungi- olive oil, lemon, garlic and aloe vera…..


a face  mask,  a very good one, which makes Your skin younger and cleaner and finer:
greek yogurt, olive oil, aloe vera , lemon.

All Rights Reserved by Petia Ganeva
I have already published them last year…on google plus and on,

which I am to rebuild and make professional one from June 2015.

If they  stea it too, I will find another name.

The human makes the name at first, not the opposite.

NEW BRAND( BECAUSE THEY ALREADY HAVE STOLEN two of mine- bp and PG  from my Name – Petia Ganeva

Big Brother’s rude intrigues

A write play by Petia Ganeva
A famous criminal psychopath, who poses as a media  mogul and the Big Brother,
gets obssessed with an innocent woman, who is a creative writer, poet, publicist, blogger, TV
creator and activist.
He pays  numerous of intelligence agencies and governments and
criminal mass- and mainstream media to slander, rob and destroy her.
He plots a lot of criminal intrigues together with other psychopaths from around the world to accuse falsely the naive victim, to torture her psychologically ,also telepathically by using plenty of stalking, criminal , genetic schizoid psychopaths and electronic weapons
to drive her crazy and extort her for money, till she dies.
He involves her in his sexual perversions online and on the astral level,
supported by plenty of sexually bestial and sadistic, deviant psychopaths 24\7.
b Petia Ganeva
Victims with a similar experience:

Symbolische Interaktion und psychologische Manipulation im Fernsehen

eine empirische Studie von Petia Ganeva, welche erst in den kommenden Jahren

realiziert wird.


Zwischen dem Massenmedium Fernsehen und den Rezipienten besteht unter anderem eine symbolische Interaktion , welche zuerst auf der Unterbewusstseinsebene der Zuschauer etabliert wird und sich danach im Bewusstsein und im Verhalten der Menschen manifestiert.

Die Arbeit stellt eine wissenschaftliche , empirische Untersuchung dar, im deren Rahmen der Prozess der symbolischen Untersuchung und seine Wirkungen auf die Rezipienten erforscht werden. Zu diesem Zweck werden zuerst Fernsehinhalte von verschiedenen fiktionalen und nicht- fiktionalen Sendungen präsentiert und analysiert.

Anschliessend erfolgt eine empirische Kodierung von Bild- und Textinhalten in den Sozialnetzwerken Facebook , Google Plus und Twitter vor allem, um die symbolische Wahrnehmung und Verhalten der Mediennutzer zu überprüfen und in Bezug auf die wissenschaftliche These zu analysieren.

Hierbei werden diverse satanische Handzeichen als Fernsehsymbole und deren Wirkung auf die Rezipienten untersucht, wie sie von den Fernsehzushauern wahrgenommen und im ihren Alltag wiedergegeben werden, ob diese eine Auswirkung auf ihr Verhalten und Denkweise ausüben.

Die Arbeit basiert auf der Theorie des symbolischen Interaktionismus

von Petia Ganeva

All Rights Reserved.


The Fallen Earth Angels

 a write play by Petia Ganeva

It is about a fallen angels , which pretend and illustrate themselves 

as saints, God’s  perfect children , even  the victims of a woman,

sent by God on Earth to spread God’s truth and wisdom and help humanity

to evolve spirituality , connect themselves lovingly with God and re-discover their true essence.

The Fallen angels on earth conquer the woman and play the role of her friends.

She is so naive , kind hearted and pure,

so that she doens’t pay attention at their evil thoughts  and deeds against her at all.

She tries to see only the goodness in them, even if they slander her, mususe her and even robbed her ….

Till they start to attack her severely telepathically in the Name of Satan

and she finally finds out and accepts the Truth:


the children of Satan, not of God,

sent to her to destroy her.

by Petia Ganeva

A Pillow for a bathtub

I don’t know , if You need a pillow during bathing, but I do need.

I have to lay actually more than an hour in the bathtub

to cleanse my body from the negative energy , which I absorb, because 

of my Hyper Sensitivity unwillingly…

Even without having this challenge, I like to take a long bath

and I thought , it would be great, if I had a comfortable pillow behind my back, 

while I am lying in the bathtub….

Sure, you can’t use a pillow made from textiles….It has to be supportive for the back and made from a healthy , comfortable stuff. When I have a time and money, I will try to design such a pillow and a more comfortable , robust headset too…

I got the this Ideas suddenly, after Michael has wanted to push me in the bath

on the astral level and remember me, that I should care of my body, 

which is very important and right too…

Self Care…..:) 

By the way, what would You prefer to use a comfortable pillow for a bathtub or google spy glasses?

I already know the answer:)

All Rights Reserved.Petia Ganeva. 2015

by Petia Ganeva

The Satan’s horde


The deviant Satan’s horde may continue to slander, torture, abuse, rob, accuse, harass me.

The most important for me is, what God –  the Father, and Jesus think of the innocent wee,

and what They surely see

from Their universal chee.

I depend on Them, not on Satan’s defrauding fee.

I will never knee infront of the Old Serpent’s pee!

God is my only Almighty Father and Lord!

 I need a pure, divine, healing, eternal cord

with my loving and forgiving Father abroad

to disconnect me from the dim Satan’s horde,

which is totally bored, when it hasn’t scored,

by blood sucking and using their sharp sword

on God’s purified children to get Satan’s award,

breaking each day the demonic bestial record

to become by their underworld mentor virtually adored

and by God for ever majestically rejected, fully ignored.

by Petia Ganeva