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Only As A Friend

See me better as a FRIEND, not as a potential lover!

Otherwise you will get horrific and many troubles, you will really bother,

if You copy the insanity & perversity of the BIG NAZI-PEDO BROTHER!

by Petia Ganeva

A dedication to all, but especially to all young people, children and women around the world!

Loudly Stupid


Better to be silently intelligent, than loudly, pretty supid.

by Petia Ganeva

Dedicated to Stefanie Gelinas

Ani Bora originally shared to Wisdom (Discussion):

#Positive anything is better than #Negative nothing.

P.S.Nothing is something, which doesn’t exist.Thus, it can’t be positive or negative!



The Man in Her Head

A new creative writing project is born:)

I don’t know, when I will write this witty 

and educational novel…..

It is about a 16 years old young girl, who thought, 

she is in love with an older teeanger. 

3 years she yearns for his love, but he ignores her.

They have the same circle of friends and meet almost daily at the same check point, 

but she never talked to him and he did’t speak with her.

After 3 years overidealizing and longing for the love of the white knight,

the  young man decided to speak honestly with her.

He couldn’t  probably endure her starring at him

or just wanted to stop her uselless unhappiness,

and the so called unshared love.

Afterwards her mind and heart became clear.

She realized, that the man , who spoke to her an hour ago, 

was not the same guy, whom she created in her head.

She started to smile joyfully.

She was trully released.

It was not a true love, like being in the seventh heaven.

It was an enslaving, a heavy self made idealizing burden.

by Petia