Daily Archives: February 6, 2015

The Satan’s horde


The deviant Satan’s horde may continue to slander, torture, abuse, rob, accuse, harass me.

The most important for me is, what God –  the Father, and Jesus think of the innocent wee,

and what They surely see

from Their universal chee.

I depend on Them, not on Satan’s defrauding fee.

I will never knee infront of the Old Serpent’s pee!

God is my only Almighty Father and Lord!

 I need a pure, divine, healing, eternal cord

with my loving and forgiving Father abroad

to disconnect me from the dim Satan’s horde,

which is totally bored, when it hasn’t scored,

by blood sucking and using their sharp sword

on God’s purified children to get Satan’s award,

breaking each day the demonic bestial record

to become by their underworld mentor virtually adored

and by God for ever majestically rejected, fully ignored.

by Petia Ganeva


Murders in the Theater


A detective write play:

Six actors die within 2 years in a theater. Nobody asks, why and isn’t it a little bit strange, except the young actress Patty Geneva. She starts to question the death of her colleagues and to make a private investion about the mysterios death of the 6 actors. Step by step the young woman discover, that her colleagues were actually murderers by the national intelligence agency with the complicity of the famous theater regisseuer Adam Moth and the management of the theater.

When the regiesseuer Adam Moth finds out , that the young actress knows about the murders, he tries to murder her in the theater, but she excape. She leaves immediately her country, because it was clear for her, that nobody can help and she will be murder in the similar way by the government , commiting crimes together with the police and the national intelligence agency. Patty Geneva immigrates, starts to write a novel about the state and teather crimes and becomes a internation successful author. She explains in her novel, that the 6 actors were murdered, because they have rebelled against the dictatorial system in the state and the Satanists- Illuminati , who rules the world.

by Petia Ganeva