Daily Archives: February 9, 2015

The Fallen Earth Angels

 a write play by Petia Ganeva

It is about a fallen angels , which pretend and illustrate themselves 

as saints, God’s  perfect children , even  the victims of a woman,

sent by God on Earth to spread God’s truth and wisdom and help humanity

to evolve spirituality , connect themselves lovingly with God and re-discover their true essence.

The Fallen angels on earth conquer the woman and play the role of her friends.

She is so naive , kind hearted and pure,

so that she doens’t pay attention at their evil thoughts  and deeds against her at all.

She tries to see only the goodness in them, even if they slander her, mususe her and even robbed her ….

Till they start to attack her severely telepathically in the Name of Satan

and she finally finds out and accepts the Truth:


the children of Satan, not of God,

sent to her to destroy her.

by Petia Ganeva