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Prime Gorgeous- My Design & Cosmetics Brand

Prime Gorgeous

All Rights Reserved! 2015

I want to make & sell healthy, elegant and comfortable clothes,
for each occasion already this year,
Additonally I want to produce and sell also  healthy,  chemical free cosmestics, perfumes, candles as soon as possible.

Candles with herbals and aroma essences of different healing flowers.

Healing Jewerly with healing crystalls and gem stones.


I already have made two cosmetic products, which I will sell as soon as possble:


a natural medicine against foot fungi- olive oil, lemon, garlic and aloe vera…..


a face  mask,  a very good one, which makes Your skin younger and cleaner and finer:
greek yogurt, olive oil, aloe vera , lemon.

All Rights Reserved by Petia Ganeva
I have already published them last year…on google plus and on http://public-diary.jimdo.com/,

which I am to rebuild and make professional one from June 2015.


If they  stea it too, I will find another name.

The human makes the name at first, not the opposite.

NEW BRAND( BECAUSE THEY ALREADY HAVE STOLEN two of mine- bp and PG  from my Name – Petia Ganeva