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Oppressive Monopoly “Thiealism”

From the One destructive Monopoly to Zero business diversity & society progress

I have to write an article about your book,

after I have bought and read it.

Why You Need to Read Peter Thiel’s New Book — at Least the Good ……/why-you-need-to-read…

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24 Οκτ 2014 – In his remarkable new book, Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future, Peter Thiel comes off as a brilliant young man with a ..

a.o, such monopoly corporations put limitations unlawfully on small business, because they are told to do this with them to avoid also the financial progress of others!

Monopoly vs Society progress. It a society regression and suppression!

well, I will have to build one too , cause all reptilian hybrids , which rob, rape me and suck my blood have monopolized and enslaved the world! I WILL FIGHT BACK AND DESTROY THESE BLOODSUCKING PARASITES!IT STATED IN THE BIBLE AND IN MY HOROSCOPE.

by Petia Ganeva

A Vacuum Protector Against Harmful Electromagnetic Waves by Petia Ganeva


A Vacuum Protector
to protect Yourself and me from harmful electromagnetic waves.
I think of clothes , buildings or cabins , filled with a vacuum…
Electromagnetic waves can NOT pass through a Vacuum…

So, when I have time and money , I will start to build and design some sorts of protective clothes and a cabin for me at first…I have to test them….

 by Petia Ganeva
All Rights Reserved.2015
Petia Ganeva

Electromagnetic Frequency Mind Control Weapons…/electromagnetic…

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4 Ιαν 2011 – Electromagnetic Frequency Mind Control Weapons – by Stephen Lendman … Agencies like the Pentagon, CIA and NSA use them to monitor …

NSA Remote Neural Monitoring – Oregon State Hospital…/russelltice-…

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Apparently some of the weapons are based around US patent 3951134, and the ….. NSA Remote Neural Monitoring, Signals Intelligence, Electromagnetic …