Idealization leads just to hurtful disappointments and uselless frustration.
You decrease in this way regrettably, alas your own peronality worthiness,
when you praise shoddy idols and people with blindly, naive storminess.
Narrow worshipping can’t nourish the soul with love and compassion,
causes self doubts, low self esteem, psychic and emotional emptiness.
It is the path, which guides you to your own soul cremation,
losing directly your unique identity and existence validation.
It is a distinct indication for a spiritual dim stagnation,
which brings you forth a harrowing, infernal damnation.
Respect and love worthy human with a due appreciation,
but do not forget your honorable character set
and the everlasting Creator’s perfect silhouette:
Only God, Jesus and divine beings deserve the biggest, eternal admiration.

by Petia Ganeva

from the poetry book Simple Life Lessons Part I

3 thoughts on “Idealization

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