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Some Verses from me

The Bliss of Creativity

created, writtten and administrated by Petia Ganeva


You are free, when you have overcome the fear.

Du bist frei, wenn Du die Angst überwunden hast.


Image and Quote

by Petia Ganeva

Passion from the Heart

Passion comes from a purified heart,

not from the evil reptilian brain part.


Athens at Night

Image and Quote by Petia Ganeva


My Heart is Pure


My heart is absolutely, always good, warm, gentle & pure.

I don’t need a sodomic NSA & FBI telepathic pseudo cure,

when I am totally,  perfectly more than sure,

God and Jesus love me eternally and secure.

The evil, cruel, dark spirits, which bestially after me lure,

can’t make with me an eternal grand sodomy, rude tour 

by raping,  bloodsucking my body, mind & soul real impure

with the aim to injure me




                                                                                       to obscure

                                  their wicked, twisted, deviant, schizoid reptilian insane procure.


Petia Ganeva

11. 03. 2015

Die Farbe des Herzens

Die Farbe des Herzens ist Liebe.

The Color of the Heart

The color of the heart is love.

Einseitige Liebe


Einseitige Liebe ist nicht der Sinn der Menschenexistenz.

                      One – sided Love

  One – sided love is not the sense of a human life.


Athens Greece

Image & Qoutes by Petia Ganeva


Divine Creativity & Wisdom




I am full with divine creativity and wisdom.

Alimou Beach, Athens, Greece

Image and Affirmation by Petia Ganeva



Living in Peace


I live in peace with myself and the world.







Athens, Greece

Image and Affirmation by Petia Ganeva


Divine Abundance



I live in infinite, divine abundance.







Athens, Greece

Affirmations by Petia Ganeva





Erlebe Deine starre Aggressivität durch unterhaltsame, heilende Kreativität.


Das ist die unersetzbare, lebenswichtige Seelenentwicklung – Universität.

Athens  Greece,

Image and Haiku by Petia Ganeva


Divine Connection & Protection


I am always connected with God and Jesus.


I am always protected, guided by God and Jesus.


Image and Affirmations by Petia Ganeva



Engelhaft rein


Ich bin engelhaft rein, brillant, fein

und strahle wie ein Sonnenschein.

I am angelic pure and fine

and radiant like a sunshine.


Alimou Beach, Athens, Greece

Foto und Affirmation von Petia Ganeva


Wahre Liebe

Um den richtigen Mann fürs Leben bald zu finden,

man müsste sich als Frau zuerst sich selbst lieben.




Alimou Beach, Athens Greece

Image and Quote in German by Petia Ganeva


Wisely Playing

I am wisely playing  with a lot of words,

which lift up and are not empty blurbs,

created by God to convert the bad birds.






Athens, Greece

Image and Verses by Petia Ganeva


Sacred Love

Sacred Love is NOT a cruel, fearful, a tyrant domination,

neither a  sex obsession, a destructive, toxic critization,

neither a sadistic emotional, brutal manipulation.

It’s the most blissful, enlighten, vivid, soul relation,

the biggest divine, blissful creation,

the most powerful God’s manifestation.

   which leads You


Your inner peace



     heals lightly Your painful, durable, heart frustration,

  protects You from a spiritual and soul devastation.

Voula, Athens, Greece

Image and Poem byPetia Ganeva


Shame & Pain

I trully reject, forget all induced abuse, guilt, shame and pains


in God’s- the loving, forgiving Father, and Jesus’  holy names.

Alimou Beach, Athens, Greece

Image and Poem by Petia Ganeva



Writers don’t  enviously stalk!

They just wisely create & talk,

don’t cruelly mock and balk.

Athens, Greece

Petia Ganeva


Der Richtige Mann


Der Richtige Mann für mich wäre,

der nicht wie eine rostige Schere,

mein Herz mit tiefschürfenden Wunden verzerrt,

mit schrecklicher Leere erfüllt und falsch belehrt,

Eifersucht durch Liebe verkehrt ersetzt,

sich bei mir mit Gewalt durchsetzt,

mich aus Rache bewusst verletzt.

sondern mir seine Liebe zärtlich, grosszügig erklärt,

meinen Verstand und Seele liebevoll, gänzlich klärt.

und mit mir freudig zusammen im Flammen der ewigen Liebe

den himmlischen Frieden genießt,

alle sinnlose Kriegevergiß ,

kreiert, musiziert, spaziert, lachend fantasiert, studiert,

durch seine innige Liebe mich zum Schreiben inspiriert,

statt mich immer wieder, lieblos, grob fallen zu lassen,

mich brutal dazu zu zwingen, sich an ihn anzupassen,

dabei den Überblick, die Ansicht, das Gefühl völlig verliert,

dass Liebe auf diese Weise überhaupt, gar nicht passiert.

vielmehr nur Lügen, Falschheit fett schmiert und inszeniert.


Athens Greece

Image and Poem in German by Petia Ganeva


Your Unique Worth





Athens, Greece

Image and Verses by Petia Ganeva



Gewinnen und Verlieren

Freue Dich Darüber, wenn Detwas gerecht gewonnen hast,

nicht wenn Du illusorisch verloren, verpasst oder erworben hast.

Winning & Losing

Be happy, what You honestly made and won by Your own ,

instead of stealing from others and present you like a clown,

because everything has its extraordinary cost,

even what You unjustly, unfairly allegedly host

will put you in the position of a losing dark ghost.


Athens, Greece

Image and Verses by Petia Ganeva


Everyday is a special one for Love



You don’t need a special day

to feel, show and share with others Your honest love,

to open Your heart like a big, ancient treasure trove,

enjoying the healing bliss of unconditional, pure love. 

Love is not a fleeting weed hay

or a nicely, battering china clay,

which You could fix within a day. 

Love doesn’t happen only once in the year in the month of May

It shouldn’t be celebrated loudly, shoddy just on Valentine’s day.

Athens, Greece

Image and Poem by Petia Ganeva


A Broken Heart

A broken heart can’t be healed with a lot of money,

neither by using dishonestly sly words like “honey”.

To heal a heart You need honesty, respect, true, unconditional love, 

not blaming games, parasitic intentions, permanent abusive shove.

Athens Greece

Image and Poem by Petia Ganeva 



Love is a soul nutrition

Love is not an exhauting competition.

It is the souls’s profound longing,

filling Your heart wth a treacly nutrition,

wishing the complete belonging,

the purest, effulgent divine transmission,

placing You into a paradisial, bliss condition.

by Petia Ganeva

from the poetry book “Love Shapes Part I “




Crying from joyce or because of pain,

just happens during Your earthly lane.
You don’t have to be indeed ashamed.
for breaking up the heart’s chain
and showing Your human frame.
It is a blessed ,divine, warm summer rain,
clears the soul shadows, making You sane.
So, that You can find peace and love again,
gain more wisdom and reach the pure fane.

                                                                     by Petia Ganeva

                                                                     from the poetry book “Simple Life Lessons II”



Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is the biggest treasure trove

You don’t need to be perfect to be truly loved,

when unconditional love speaks gently of all above

and touches your soul lightly with a flavor of a clove.

This is the greatest treasure trove, 

after every being should fully strove.


by Petia Ganeva

                            from the poetry book “Simple Life Lessons III”



          The Temple of Light

When the dark knights nearly, cruelly lure
and your heart is not completely whole, pure,
it needs a loving cure
in the temple of light,
where divine peace and harmony moor,
calming each wicked fight.
When your heart in the darkness fears
and the mind isn`t fully clear,
love and wisdom disappear,
happiness and joy smear.
Your soul is roofed with bitter tears.
In the temple of heavenly light
you get an outer space sight.
Divine healing takes smoothly part.
Love and wisdom overcome your heart.
Joy and happiness fill delightfully your hungry soul.

                                                                         by Petia Ganeva

                                                                      from the poetry book “The Rejoice of the Light”,

             written already in 2013



Meditation is a kind of spirit, mind, body and soul purification,

connects You with Your Higher Self, God’s Almighty and His creation.

It sets You wholly free from all earthly, narow- minded limitations,

cleanses Your spirit, soul and body from all dark condemnations,

supporting Your spiritual growth and blissful, delightful soul frutation,

raising enormously Your energy vibration.

It serves merely for Your best gratification.

           by Petia Ganeva

                                                 from the poetry book “Simple Life Lessons II”


The World Saviour Barry

A sorted out, slimmy reptilian hybrid snorts thirsty cocaine & joint on a daily base,

demonstrating publicly a sane, philanthropic human face with a griffin, fudge grace.

The ruthless tyrant Barry resides illegally since 2009 in the old serpent’s Big Business White firm,

supervises lawlessly with the people’s tax money the Illuminati’s drugs and sodomy corporate trade.

He signs permanently dictatorial executive orders, shoves butcherly the NWO like an army worm,

paid inofficially by the British Satan’s maid to spread globally more reptilian shade, hate and raid.

                                                                        by Petia Ganeva

                                                                  from the poetry book “The World Leaders I”

                                                                                                 December 2014

From the Sinagogue of Rude Darkness

T V, radio and press fabricate a daily mess and stress,

hex Illuminati monarch and MK-ultra brainless sex slaves

into a Hollywood and Music fake prominent, rotten mace.

Incapable, schizophrenic moguls rob foreign creative ideas,

overloaded with sexual perversions and demonic fears,

glorified by the mainstream media for their regular thievery,

stamp openly on all around gifted authors, lead them to misery.

Secret immoral codes wreak the minds and hearts of the masses.

Social inequality and discrimination divide the people in store classes.

The vigorous tornado of elite insanity overcomes humanity,

loops with police parade cruelty and hidden Masonic brutality,

twisted by the corporate media absurdity and infidelity.

Sleepy, weak people struggle on the backwards caustic path,

addicted to the Illuminati flesh awareness hysterically laugh,

terrified and tricked into a silent martyr compliance,

with the global oligarchy in unknown, foxy alliance,

craft freely their own yoke






                                                                             by Petia Ganeva

                                                  from my poetry book “The Sinagogue of Rude Darkness”,

written completely on the 29th. of June in 2013