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Thinking, Writing, Understanding

You can not write, if you can not think & feel.

You can not understand, if you can not think & feel.

by Petia Ganeva

Schizophrenic psychopaths can not become excellent writers, because they think fragmentarly, less or not logically.That’s why some of them steal: ), even telepathically, like Lena Dunham for example.  Due to their disturbed process of thinking, they can not understand  logical stuctured and written content. They percieve the text not like healthy people. Schizophrenic psychopaths have the difficulty to understand correctly even a single sentence.  Their brains work like damaged scanners.

Job done !

Working Titles for my comedy novel


Job done!


A known poetry writer, journalist, TV creator & a blogger, Petia Ganeva, was robbed by plenty of fraudulent e- commerce services,  wanna- be authors, payment services and a bank. Pushed to lead a misery life, the popular author starts searching for jobs as a writer and gets into a another big pitfall on an online job market thanks to her envy opponents Carl Phillip, John de Mol and Stefanie Gelinas a.o.  The nasty  thieves use  a lot of tricks and torture methods to hinder their innocent victim to succeed.  But for all that, the naive poetess has learned, how to deal with ruthless fraudsters and begins to give the psychopaths some big life lessons. Job done!



Job Done! vs. “Working Girl”

compare the patterns of the heroines and the plot 🙂

Obviously the makers of the “Working girl” confuse my heroine with their female protagonist.



  1. Story with the dentist from Stockton, who has stolen telepathically my ideas for a website content
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