My second google plus account is suspended

I start to expose the royal and governmental pedophila on google plus and the trangender royals on google plus and they suspended my second account for sharing the truth. I aim to build my own social media with online advertising banners. 

The google search engine distrubute pornography and viruses , but is not closed. 

I will build also my own browser and search engine. 

Google+ access suspended

You may no longer use Google+ because you have violated our User Content and Conduct Policy multiple times.

If you have content on Google+ that you want to keep, you have about two months to export it using Google Takeout. The content is visible only to you. After that time your content will be deleted and you will no longer be able to get a copy. Learn more

This will not affect other Google services that do not require an active Google+ profile, such as Gmail.

I will make a copy of my notices. I need them for my books. 


My second google plus account was suspended, but you can read the posts. I have exposed with the help of the others the pedophilia, necrophilia, cannibalism of royals, governrments, police ( belongs to the governments).

I won’t open another account and feed these murderers with 300 billions more.

My site has a global and you  can advertise on my site. 

Petia Ganeva

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