Walmart offers You scams

Walmart offers You scams

What is Walmart?

What kind of scams were done by Walmart?

Giving examples for Walmart’s scams.

Statements from different scam victims 

Advices: how to avoid Walmart’s scams

Fazit: Be careful , when you shop there. 

by Petia Ganeva

Sources ( to be paid)


No, Walmart didn’t just send you a check for $1,900 | Deseret News ……/no-walmart-di…

Μετάφραση αυτής της σελίδας

“But once the check is in your account, the scammers are able to drain your entire …Walmart, though, doesn’t hire third-party or independent secret shoppers, …

Walmart Quality Control Program Scam – New Walmart Scam to Avoid

12 Νοε 2015 – There is a new Walmart scam that tells people they can become part of a Quality Control Program, when really scammers are draining people’s …

If You Get A Hefty Check Like This From ‘Walmart,’ Here’s Why It Isn’t …

13 Νοε 2015 – According to Terry Ambrose, the Walmart check is part of a new scam. It has been reported that a woman named Jeri Lindsay received the …

Walmart Check for Quality Control Program-Scam! – Truth or Fiction

Walmart Check for Quality Control Program-Scam! Summary of eRumor: People are receiving what appear to be Walmart checks and letters inviting them to …

Wal-Mart Check Theft Scam :

Accounts of check fraud being perpetrated at Walmart stores by employees and customers.

Tips to Avoid the Walmart Scam | NBC4 Washington

10 Μαρ 2015 – What looks like a big payout — a check from a major retailer with your name on it — is actually one of the latest scams targeting consumers in our ..

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