Attention: I promote currently only fraudsters. They think they have a chance

Affiliate programmes are tool defraud. I have multimillions of readers of this blod. All these so called businessmen and business women are fraudsters. Look at first at Aliexpress or Amazon, Alibaba, weather you can get the same products for a smaller price.

These  lying psychopaths will land in 2019 either into the psychiatry or in the prison. You can not expect from such freaks qualitative products too, You can find quantium pendants on Alibaba for  $ 6 and the freaks from q- link sold them with my help for $ 99.


I wll delete all promotional posts soon. These are all exploitative , criminal psychopaths- parasites! They can delete each link, lead, click from their affiliate software , which they also do and I can’t see them and control them. Only if I sue them and ask the police to investigate their servers deleted data could be found, which I aim to do in 2019!

I would suggest you 0 affiliate programs!

I will delete the posts of all these fraudsters now!

Using Affiliate Tracking Software to Track Affiliate Income – LeadDyno…/using-affiliate-trackin…

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19.11.2015 – While its natural for people to believe that the best affiliate program … change and delete affiliates, send e-mails to affiliates, decide on the … Great flexibility in calculating commissions for all such as impressions, leads, clicks, …

Affiliate Tracking Software & Online Marketing System: LeadDyno

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To create a new affiliate, click the Affiliate link in the Create drop down menu. … of their affiliate link, and can be used in discount-code style affiliate programs).

Tapfiliate | Affiliate tracking software

It enables you to create, track and optimize your own affiliate programs. … your own affiliate program within minutes, approach your affiliates with clear … First Tapfiliate takes care of capturing clicks, leads and conversions sent by your affiliates.

Why Pay-Per-Click Affiliate Programs are So Unpopular – CodeFuel

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25.08.2014 – Pay-per-click affiliate programs sound more attractive than pay-per-sale … Merchants who paid for clicks soon realized that the “leads” … keep the affiliate networks, affiliate marketers, and the merchants clear of potential fraud.

Petia Ganeva

Good Luck , fraudsters! Your businesses are destroyed first of all! Second in 2019 you will be sued! 




Software Review: My Affiliate Program Software (MyAP)…/software_review_my_af

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My Affiliate Program Software (MyAP) is a customizable Affiliate Tracking and … that provides you with the capability to pay your affiliates by sale, click or lead. …

MyAP gives you complete

control to





or edit any …




Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs and How To Profit from Pay Per Click …

02.02.2012 – Hochgeladen von MyWebInformer

provides in-depth reviews of affiliate, pay-per-click and pay-per-lead programs. Check here before joining any …

Affiliate Link Cloaking – The Best Way To Protect Your Affiliate ……/affiliate/affiliate-link-cloaking-…

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Protects the affiliate from visitors who delete the affiliate link and buy products … the affiliate program’s website URL is not visible, so when a visitor clicks on your … just can’t find out where this cloaked link leads and to which affiliate program it 



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