Hillary Clinton – a satirical poem

Hillary Clinton

satirical poem

( raw)

Hillary Clinton was born originally as a man

her all family, crime partners, friends are insane.

She candidated for a first female president of the USA and lost,

even if she dwells in my head ,this nasty reptilian hybrid host.

She practices satanic rituals and voodoo magic

and makes the world tremendously bad, tragic.

The former secretary of state used officially private computers

to handle state issues, terrorists attacks, abuse electronically cooters

orders internationally pedophilia, sex rings like ordinary pizza

made trips to Epstein’s pedophilia island like a holiday in Nizza

She is a common rapist and pedophile,

serves the transgender queen, the necrophile

The former first lady has a lot of transgender lovers,

even if she is married to another rapist Bill Clinton

The mainstream media steady and still covers

her countless crimes against the USA and the world

She eats children just for a starter,

nothingstanding her law charter

She is famous for her permanent pungent odour

and as the worldwide biggest terrorist loader.

The Illuminati cruel whore

wants to start a global war.

The felon never has enough blood, cocaine and dead bodies

Hillary always wants to have more!

The criminal politician thinks, she is favorite everybody’s

And asked Madonna to help her to the blue job core.

The satanic witch has switched with the pedophiles from NSA, CIA and FBI

and treats women like a bitch.

They all use electronic weapons on me to rape, rob , murder and make themselves rich.




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