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Illuminati Plague: Islam

Islam was created by Jesuits priests.

They brainwash people, turn them into beast.

Vatican appointed the false prophet Muhammd

to spread half truths and misconceptions,

twisted the bible to cause hate and massacre.

The Jesuit priest Alberto Rivera found out the truth

and died on food poisoning for exposing the secret in sooth.

The satanic Roman Catholic Church has created Islam

with the aim to turn Jerusalem in their lurch.

It is hypocritical, santimoninos to the core,

calls the Holy One of Israel the devil,

tells only half truths, deceptions and lies more and more,

worship the underworld creature Lucifer furthermore.

The Quran is a bad copy of the Holy bible,

written by Vatican to separate the people from God’s tribal.

by Petia Ganeva







Fake News

Fake News create misunderstanding, deceptions,

manipulate your perception without exceptions.

They spread  vast misconceptions

and lead you in the wrong directions.

You receive a false review without without a glue with the truth.

Fake News are like a swine flu, 

disturb your point of view in sooth.

by Petia Ganeva

Mind Control Victim

My mind, body and soul are raped invisibly all the time. 

There is no escape from this bestial, inhuman crime.

I don’t want to wake up at all. 

I pray to God to take me home.

I am here imprisoned and alone.

The torturers don’t stop to maul.

Nobody gives a damn and listens to the official scam, 

treats me like a nasty, silly, crazy spam and they wham.

Everyone is praising the beast, 

which rapes me, murders me slowly 

and believes, he is God’s  Holy,

while he  celebrates his non- stop torture feast.

I don’t want to wake up anymore.

They rape me to the core.


Petia Ganeva

www.electronictorture. com



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