Organized Murder

telepathic rapist murderer swarm around my mind and body,

they penetrate my soul , spirit and genitials sadistically with their schizoid thoughts

Day and night their scramble like blood thirsty vultures to consume my soul, spirit and soul.

The organized rapist – murderers drain my energy via radio waves and satanic magic.

They are thirsty and greedy. They want to steal, extort, exploit and murder me.

They destroyed my body, traumatized my spirit and body and don’t aim to stop.

The worst one is Carl Philip Berndotte, which not who, this is not a human,but a beast, pushes me to commit a suicide or implants me thoughts to harm others, and many other perversions and criminal thoughts and feelings. Currently this anti- human is suported by the Phelps- Michael Phelps and the transgender Nicole Michelle Johnson Phelps. Everything was pre-programmed years before, before 2014, where they pedophiles from the NSA tuned Michael Phelps with me….. and many others….

I don’t to live and tried to commit suicides ( psychological murderers) many times.

I don’t know, how to stop these beasts , will they stop and how I would recover mentally, psychologically and physically.This is a non-stop mental , psychological and physical agony, which these murderers will face for ever in the hell!

governments, civilian milabs , self proclaimed European royals.

Deuteronomy 7

I am the direct descendant of king David and Judah and they are evil, envy and try to kill me each second since 2011 extremely . ,, wwww.

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