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The Prince of Muskoland

The Prince of Muskkoland

(short story in verses, raw)

One upon time there was a kingdom called the Vaermeland.

His ruler was Magog, the prince of Muskoland.

His nation called him sweet babe,

which praised the necrophilic rape.



The prince of Muskoland married Sofia the Hell

to prolong the dynasty of Gog,

who played on earth the creator God.

The wedding was an Illuminati celebration

to enpower the evil in the world and in the Swedish nation.

The ceremony had a satanic foundation,

camouflaged as a holy Christian ablation,

but it was to the core a satanic fornication.

The new weds from Muskoland met already for many years,

yet they affect the naive people and bring them to the tears.

The prince of Muskolad from the new royal dynasty of Magog

tied the knot with a commoner reality shhow super star

infronft of a masquared cheesy Christian church altar,

showing their deep love, allegedly in the name our creator God.


Before the wedding the babe prince spent his bachelor night in Greece,

thar where princess Grace suffered and humbled to work as a cleaner.

Grace was from the oldest saint royal dynasty of king David of Israel and Judah,

rejected and damned by all nations on earth, learning the human life like Buddha.

Magog hated her deeply and had the only one desire to seduce and destroy her.

He spent his bachelor time with his old homesexual lovers, making wild orgies,

Despite he met Grace from time to time, swearing, he loves her and he is in danger.

His wife, Sofia the Hell, wanted to kill him and he is a victim of a arranged marriage.

Princess Grace was so naive and was blended.

She believed the long before created lies of the Magog,

who thought, he is God, the sprout of the satanic Gog,

Grace was the Holy One of Israel,

chased by her father the heavently God

to learn some lessons and to be proved.

She was robbed, slandered and severly abused by many people from all world nations,

who commit day and night with the satanic royals demonic, bestial sex fornications.

The father of prince of Muskoland- the king of Vaermland,

called, wrote ther for help to rescue his son from the porn star.

The life of the prince was in danger and he wanted to divorse her.

But this was just a blur, a lie, a scenario of the new royals

to deceive and to bind the naive princess Grace in a bad slur and to burr.

The Magog prince Carl Philip promisedher to marry her after his divorse

and make her to his wife and having children.

He did not wantat all her to harm and to burden.

The prince of Muskoland has bidden her to have telepatic sex with him.

He was supposedly afraid to be transgendered by his wife Sofia the Hell.


Suddenly the prince of Muskoland Carl Philip become grimm.

He exposed his authentic whim.

He started to make pedophilia and zoophilia overtoones,

His words turn into hurtful stones.

He spoke about eating crossbones,

He became nit – picking and his wife criticized the poor Grace for everything.

They both started slowly to control her mind

At that time Grace was like a blind.

She did not know, what to believe and and what to do.

The nit – picking grew like a flu.

and Grace did not knew,

she was lied to, she fell into a long made trap,

which was scripted years ago by the Magog beau

to harrow her and to destroy her as soon as possible.

The princeof Muskoland thought he is God

and the daughter of our heavenly creator was the evil devil.

Grace could not escape and stop the torture.

She was not able to flew from the trauma based mind control.

This was a carefully prepared Illumninati schorcher.

Grace became a victim of both crooks.

She was really broken down and shook.

The new weds from the Magog dynasty turned into mind controlllers,

whoose aim was to torture and enslave the nothing suspecting victim.

They started to use satanic magic to rape her day and night.

To cause her fright with their demonic might and to bite.

Soon the prince of Miskoland began to invite

all Babylonians to rape and tortment the innocent victim otherwise,

through false accusations, mind, ,soul and body insults,

to call the Holy One of Israel , the daughter of Zion the Antichrist,

projecting their own perververted thoughts and feelings extremely iced.

The Prince of Muskoland invaded the head of the chaste Grace,

implanting his schizophrenic, bestial toughts and feelings.

And invited his horde to do the same cruel, inhuman dealings.

Grace became a prisoner of false accusers, thieves and rapists,

praying to God and Jesus for help against the murder statist.

God told her, she will leave Babylon soon and live in Brazil,

to escape the red dragon- the prince of Muskoland.

Since then the Jewish princess waits for help

and listens non-stop to the beasts accusing yelp,

raped by the hord of the beast – the prince of Muskoland,

who deems, he is the saint and the holy Grace is him, the devil,

doing all deviant and perverted evil……….


Some faithful people supports the innocent Grace,

even if they can lose their repotation and face.

The most of the people watch without reaction.

They don’t have a plan of action.

and stay away for their own protection,

watching apathetically the crucifixion,

instead to condemn and reject the non- stop affliction,

according to the God’s bible’s diction.


The daughter of God Grace is slained everyday,

The most of the people watch detachedly away.


The have lost their faith in God

and copy the brutal ruler Magog,

who was threw from the kingdom of heaven

and undertook the underworld dark davon………………………………..

God promised to help his daughter Grace to build the Holy kingdom of Salem.

Those, who follow the beast, will share his bad fate and the rest will be solemn.

Grace is waiting with her last vim, strength,

to be enslaved by God from the mad Magog.

Meanwhile the Illuminati order rules the world.

The Evil was by the satanic royals fully furled.

More and more people are confused and curbed,

live their lives and pretend, the world is not disturbed.

The world goes darker and crueler,

thanks to the Magog rude dark ruler.



by Petia Ganeva