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The Prince of Muskoland- a theater play by Petia Ganeva Act 1


Act I

Sofia Hell:

Ma, I met the prince of Sweden.

He looks like a real sweet babe

and has a handsoome body shape.

The prince is his last girl friend ridden.

Her mother:

Weldone! Today is not forbidden

to date and marry a classy royal.

Hopefully, he is single and loyal.

Keep your secrets from him hidden.

Sofia Hell:

He already knows, I am a transgender woman.

And calls me a noble woman.

Her mother:

Omen! This boy is really cool.

He is very smart and not a fool.

Where have you met him?

It would be decidedly so dim,

if I don’t hear the wedding hymn.

My dear daughter will become one day a chic princess,

will receive a royal crown and collect a lot of folk cess.

Sofia Hell:

I can’t wait to become a princess of Sweden.

It will be so funny. This will be the Eden.

Her mother:

Did you start to date him already seriously?

Sofia Hell:

Yes. It is quite mysteriously.

He takes me to some noble sex orgies.

They take place like sea porgies.

We have a lot of fun. He is never done.

Of course, we meet each other officially in cafes and restaurants,

so that the people see us openly as a happy love couple.

There are many human sacrifices and hunts,

Carl Philip gets everything and everyone, he wants.

Her mother:

Great! You are already in the press,

wearing your new beautiful dress.

I have to confess. Guess?

I am waiting for the wedding, yes.

Fortunately, nobody knows about your porn mess,

otherwise there will be a lot of unnecessary stress.


Sofia Hell and Carl Philip on Musko Island

Sofia Hell to Calr Philip:

Don’t forget to damage her legs and brain.

She deserves and should get a lot pain.

Disable her as much as you can.

Don’t forget, this is our funny plan,

Did you already meet her in Greece?

Have you told her, your are a victim of mine.

Make her more vulnerable, please.

This will destroy forever her shine.

Make from her a pedophile, necrophile and zoophile,

so that she never laugh and smile

Tell her, my cunt has the taste of a cheese,

so that she screams like an ugly crane,

feeling more tortment and shame.

She is so stupid and naive,

she will everything believe.


I told her, she eats vaginas of children not oranges,

worms and not rice, she drink shit and not coffee.

She eats shit and not cornflakes

She eats testicles and not olives,

She eats vaginal secretes and not cheese.

I imagine , how she sucks my cock everyday and rape her

I implant pedophilia, necrophilia , zoophilia in her brain every day

Let’s talk about our marriage.

You are so beautiful and smart.

I love it, when you start to fart.

Sofia the hell:

My wedding gown is already done,

but Grace has chosen a more beauiful one.

This dirty bitch is still alive

and dream to marry royaly.

The engagment ring is soooo big.

Thank you, darling, you sexy pig.


I have to deceve Grace totally and turn her into a transgender man.

I hate her and I will destroy her soon. She is almost done. I damage her legs and brain

She is already mind controlled and won’t escape the electronic chain.

I am hungry. Do we have some human brain or liver?

The military is such a generous giver.

I have to order some human flesh.

And to smash that stupid bitch Grace.

I can not look her face. She is the devil and I am God.

I can do whatever I wish –

I want a human heart in my dish.

I am praised for my deeds.

The folk satisfied all our needs.

Can you imagine, the dirty cunt Grace believes, I will marry her .

She plans already the wedding ceremony.

I am so phony and stony,

I am the one , who received the myrrh.

I am God and I rule with blur.

Sofia the hell:

Can you damage her theeth and skin.

They are so pretty and my not.

Make her ugly as much as possible.

May she lose her theeth and her skin become bad.

Make her fat.

Does she still haunt?

How many people seduce you daily to rape her with you?

Did she confess her guild?

Repeat it over and over again.

She will confess, the fat hog.

Don’t forget to suck the penis of a dog.

by Petia Ganeva