SEO Trends for 2017


SEO is a vital, irreplaceable, essential component of online marketing, which every online shop owner and manager should use if they want to reach more customers online. There are numerous SEO measures that could be used to optimize the search for a website or an e-shop. Since the SEO measures represent a variety, it is difficult to make a decision which tools are best suited for an e-shop? Which tools should you use more? On which one should stress the emphasis? What measures should be abandoned? Which search optimization methods should you focus on more and better so that you could reach more visitors to the e-shop?

What kind of measures should be taken to ensure that a website or an e-shop works best and can be quickly found in the web? Some Internet experts tell us. For every e-shop the SEO is a strictly indivual thing, but nevertheless, professionals have recorded some SEO trends for 2017. According to a survey on SEO trends 2017 “by Alamedaim 39 US professionals consider and keep the measures” Mobile “,” Quality Content “and” Voice Search “especially important for optimizing the search for a website on the Internet. These SEO tools have been referred to as the greatest SEO trends for 2017. The Deusche Expert Julian Dziki has his personal assessment of what SEO measures could turn out to be trends in 2017. He places the on – page optimization and structure in the first place. He also relies on usability, content marketing, mobile, panda and penguin updates and voice search.

On Page Optimization and structure:

Experts see the On Page optimization and structure as a “must”. On-page optimization includes various design, content and structural components. This includes the selection and the provision of keywords, content in the form of the text, images and Saund, for example. It is very important that you structure your e-shop sites well and precisely and how they present and link the content to them.

Penguin 4.0 Update

At the end of September in 2016, Google updated the Penguin algorithm. The Penguin 4.0 Update is an automated filter which effectively targets, analyzes and delineates URLs of a domain if a manipulation is behind it. Anyone who dares to manipulate these search engines through such unnatural links will be fined by Google. Those websites that have the new update can only benefit from this. Thus, they avoid Google penalties and are better protected against spam and against other manipulated backlinks created by others. The Penguin 4.0. is used to reduce and tamper possible tampering and unnecessary spam. With Penguin 4.0. protect your e-shop from bad, unnatural links, which are usually punished by Google.


The provision of backlinks is a good and proven way to get a better search engine ranking. The more backlinks they have, the more likely they are to be placed in the search engine ranking. If you form more backlinks, your e-shop will be positioned in the top positions of the search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing. With backlinks you could get a better ranking on the Internet. The quality of the backlinks plays a big role in this. The proximity and the revelance are decisive for the quality of the backlinks. Because the search engines always analyze backlinks and accordingly position the websites. Before the introduction of the Penguim algorithm, website owners have paid particular attention to creating backlinks from agencies. A strong backlink profile stands for a good search engine ranking.

Content Marketing Both the technical as well as the content SEO measures are relevant to optimize the search for your e-shop on the Internet, or to be found more quickly and better by more visitors. In most cases a value is placed on presenting the content briefly and concisely. Short and simple sentences are more understandable for massaudience. The focus should be on the theme to be represented. The content should be interesting and relevant to visitors to their website. Mobile Index Nowadays every website needs a mobile version. If you would like your e-shop to be visited by more users, then you need a mobile index and therefore increase the access to your shop enormously. Without having a mobile version of their site, they reduce the chance to be found on a search engine.


Your website should be designed so that users do not have problems finding and ordering your products. The navigation system should be formatted so that each visitor would be able to easily use your website. Technology: The Teschin side is also enormously important. If your e-shop can not function technically, it can not be calculated for your customers. What should you pay attention to? Site structure, rich snuppets, sitepeed, AMP and mobile index are at the top of the list.

Voice Search:

The SEO method “Voice Search” was introduced by Google in 2015.Make believe that the SEO measure “VoiceSearch” in 2017 will be less in use and will establish itself later as an SEO trend. Visitors who are badly able to see are especially dependent on this tool.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is an algorithm system, also known as Rankbrain. By setting up this algorithm system, the search for your e-shop can also be optimized. Google uses this module to support the search results. Rankbrain is an automated, artificially created learning system with the help of which search results can be recognized and sorted. A Rankbrain update is used to optimize your website.


Your website should be personalized. It should adapt to the needs, interests of its customers and be different from other websites. Your e-shop should appear personalized. Your website needs its own identity, both in terms of content and form, regarding the header, site structure and design of the website. There are two kinds of website personalization – content and formal personalization. The more individual you shape your e-shop formally and in terms of content, the more you stick out and thus the possibility is increased that your e-shop is favored by visitors.


On page optimization and structure, backlinks, personalization, content marketing, usability, technology are among the basic SEO measures that should be taken if you want your website to be found on your e-shop quickly and on the Internet By the search engines. Since the largest search engine Google has now also implemented the tool “Voice Search”, one should also integrate this on its own website, in order to be found by different, several visitors.

by Petia Ganeva


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