The Chefs Toolbox: Inspiring Cooking in every Home


As most households cook every day, we believe cooking should be fun, not a chore. Everything we do is aimed at improving the customer’s cooking experience. This starts with the products – not only in how well they work and how great they look, but how easy they are to clean. We are certain that once a customer uses a Chefs Toolbox product, they won’t want to cook with any other product.


We offer not only fantastic products, but many other free services that help customers discover the fun in cooking. This includes FREE recipes, how-to videos, eAt e-newsletter. We encourage customers to focus on healthy, traditional cooking using fresh ingredients.


Most importantly, we aim to give customers an incredible service by distributing through party plan. As our front-line representatives, our Consultants are our life-blood, so we constantly work at making their businesses/careers easy to run and very profitable. This can be seen in everything we do, including the training/support offered, the incentives leading to higher sales/profits, the free and heavily discounted products, the structure of the online store, our career plan and the delivery of orders direct to the Host.



Segmenting an orange is easier than it sounds! After watching this video you’ll be cutting oranges like a pro.



The Chefs Toolbox is one of Australasia’s fastest-growing party plan companies.

Our business is about more than just selling quality cookware: our goal is to make cooking fun for our customers. We aim to show that by combining our high-quality cooking tools and simple recipes, it is easy (and enjoyable!) to prepare fabulous, healthy meals and achieve authentic flavours without having to reach for a packet or jar.

When you host a Cooking Party with us, one of our Consultants will visit your home and show you and your friends how to prepare two easy, delicious recipes using our stylish range of knives, cookware, silicone bakeware and utensils. As well as getting to see our products in action and even try them yourself, you’ll pick up some handy cooking tips and hints along the way. Plus you’ll get to taste the results!

Explore our website and you’ll also find some great free cooking resources, including an expansive recipe library, a series of step-by-step “how-to” videos, our online store, eAT, which offers free recipes, cooking tips and Q&As, food facts and quizzes and a chance to win prizes though our regular competitions – all delivered directly to your inbox.

See Our Vision for more information about The Chefs Toolbox.



5 Minute Meals, Fun with Cupcakes, Death by Chocolate or Family Favourites… these are just some of the recipes you and your friends can create when you host your own MasterClass™ Cooking Party!


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