ALIX YANG is an Australian jewellery label launched in 2017,
featuring statement jewellery for effortless chic.

Inspired by modern art and street fashion,

the design of ALIX YANG Jewellery is bold and yet minimal, strong and yet feminine.
Made with the highest quality standard, the label is built on the ethos that
jewellery is the key to making the look stand out
and make women feel most confident



All of our jewellery are handmade with the highest quality standard, please take into consideration that each piece might be slightly different.

To ensure the life of your jewellery, please remove your jewellery when exercising, swimming and showering.  It is also very important to keep it away from water, perfumes, lotions, or any beauty and hair products.

DO NOT use any harsh chemicals, polishing cloth, or jewellery cleaners. ALIX YANG recommends cleaning your jewellery with a damp and soft cloth, and make sure to fully dry it before wearing.

If a damage occurs outside of normal wear and tear,  please email us at with a detailed description of the damage, including a picture of the jewellery that shows us the issue. We will try our best to get your beloved ALIXYANG piece back to new!





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