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Total Server Solutions


We’re different. Here’s why.
People make all the difference. The expert team at Total Server Solutions is made up of individuals with the highest levels of integrity and professionalism. Our service is what sets us apart and it’s our people that makes our service great.

Total Server Solutions provides managed services, high performance infrastructure and custom solutions to individuals and businesses in a range of industries. Our customers range from financial institutions, to advertising platform operators, to hosting providers, to telecom companies. We’re also trusted by educational institutions and government agencies to keep their data on-line and available.



We are a Managed Service Provider

Becoming the best doesn’t happen by accident. We set out to build a high performance infrastructure and managed services that would give our customers the advantage they need in a very competitive market place. To build our infrastructure, it took years of engineering, building, and patience. Through it all, we have realized that all of our customers have a choice. What that means is that we can’t just talk about providing high levels of service and an industry leading infrastructure, we have to do it. Every day our engineers, technicians, and leadership starts by thinking about what our customers want. We then work to make 100% certain they have it.

Our approach to hosted services is best summed up in the graphic below. We believe there are five components that combine to let us bring our customers the best service in the best locations.

We do it right

A cloud based solution should be scalable, reliable, fast, and easy to use. It’s more than a single server that someone decided to sell as a “cloud.” A true cloud uses the fastest hardware, coupled with a far-reaching network. The cloud should make everything easier, and transparent.

Total Server Solutions offers an array of ecommerce options. We help customers of all sizes every day.

Whatever you need, the expert team at TSS can accommodate your every need. If you operate a business, you know that keeping your site up, running, and taking orders all day, every day is critical to your success. We understand that your success is built upon the ability of your site to take orders 24/7, so is ours.

We have years of e-commerce hosting experience to keep you online. We know what it takes to keep high volume, high quality shopping cart sites running strong. Total Server Solutions is intensely dedicate to providing high performance e-commerce capable hosting soltions at the top of our priority list.



CleanMyMac 3


Amazing Apps to Improve Your Every Day
Crafted with tender love and care.



MacPaw is a team of like-minded techies, who live in the heart of Ukraine and create apps loved by users everywhere. As true geeks, we never stop exploring tech and looking for ways to make your Mac life better. Not because we have to, but because it’s fun.


MacPaw Unveils the Acquisition of Wallpaper Wizard and Launches a New App to Bring Stunning Wallpapers to Mac(s)

Following the acquisition deal with the must-have Mac utility, the Unarchiver in July 2017, MacPaw announces the acquisition of another Mac app — Wallpaper Wizard 2.

After the acquisition, a dedicated development team worked on the new app at MacPaw. The newly released Wallpaper Wizard 2 was developed in response to a high demand from Mac users for Retina-ready wallpapers that can be supported on multiple displays. Wallpaper WIzard 2 boasts a completely revamped UI/UX, more than 25K HD images (hand-picked and grouped by subject). Since today, the application supports up to 5 monitors.

“With today’s acquisition announcement we will be taking this work much further to make MacPaw apps even better and enable better Mac user experiences,”, says Oleksandr Kosovan, founder and CEO of MacPaw.


MacPaw acquires the Unarchiver, the robust file-extraction utility

MacPaw, the makers of Setapp and developers of a number of top-notch macOS apps, announces that the company purchases The Unarchiver family of apps. The app was labelled as the essential file-extraction utility for Mac users. With the top ranks on the Mac App Store, it boasts millions of users all over the world.

Oleksandr Kosovan, the CEO and the Founder of MacPaw: “We’re happy to welcome one of the most popular Mac utilities to the family of MacPaw products. It’s a big honor for us to keep the product alive for the users.”

Dag Ågren, the developer behind the Unarchiver: ”It has been well over ten years now since I created these programs. They were originally created to fill a gap I felt existed after upgrading to a Mac, and I never expected them to be that popular. Who would ever be very excited about an unarchiver? But I massively underestimated the need other people had for programs like these too. Seeing people use them in such numbers has been a very happy experience for me.


Since The World Exists



Since the world exists, is still trying somehow to persist

the life topics and challenges remain the same and constain.

They just sounds diefferently like a repeated song refrain.

Only people can change their perception and point of view,

depending on their spiritual, mental and emotional review,

by overcoming the Illuminati Matrix’s nasty, reptilian crew,

even if the enslaving, tyrannical NWO ruthlessly resists

and innocent people are therefore destroyed and dismissed,

like a dangerous, destructive, incurable social enemy- cyst.

by Petia Ganeva

MyShop :Experts in online ondernemen

Direct je eigen Webwinkel beginnen!

Met myShop.com kun je snel een professionele, gemakkelijk te onderhouden webwinkel beginnen. Voor de consumentenmarkt (B2C) of de zakelijke markt (B2B), wat je wilt. Je kunt je webwinkel geheel naar eigen smaak vormgeven. Daarbij heb je de keuze uit talloze sjablonen (75+), stijlen, kleuren en indelingen. Het is uiteraard ook mogelijk om je eigen design en huisstijl te gebruiken. Bekijk meteen de standaard sjablonen.


myShop.com heeft koppelingen met alle grote payment providers en banken. We bieden een goede basis voor vindbaarheid in zoekmachines. We zijn niet voor niets het eerste e-commerce platform in Nederland met het SEO keurmerk.


Je eigen Webwinkel beginnen bij myShop.com betekent ook:

Gratis proefperiodeBij myShop.com kan je een webwinkelbeginnen waarmee je naar hartenlust drie maanden kunt experimenteren. Gratis, zonder enige verplichting. In de gratis proefperiode kan je alleen geen online betaaldiensten gebruiken.

Target shopsHet myShop platform is een multi-shop omgeving. Je kan eenvoudig en zeer efficient meerdere webshopsonderhouden vanuit 1 account. Meerdere talen, specifieke productgroepen, mobiele webshops, etc. Extra shops voor maar ? 8,- per maand.

Veilige, groene hostingJe webwinkel wordt 24/7 bewaakt. CO2 neutrale hosting en state-of-the-art technologie in een private cloud waarbij de servers in de Benelux zijn gehost. Uiteraard zijn alle gegevens beveiligd en gegarandeerde hoge uptimes.



Support van partnersOnze business partners leveren aanvullende diensten, software en koppelingen. Gratis of tegen betaling. Business partners zijn bekend met ons systeem en kunnen je webshop voorzien van functies die niet standaard voorhanden zijn.

Uitgebreide mogelijkhedenDe kracht van myShop.com ligt in de naadloze omzetting van een spreadsheet of eigen database in een geavanceerde webwinkel. Er zijn koppelingen mogelijk met veel verschillende systemen, programma?s en diensten.

Persoonlijk contactMeer weten over myShop.com? Bel ons op 085-8885033 (lokaal tarief). Ook kun je met al je vragen en opmerkingen bij onze e-mail helpdesk terecht. Je krijgt snel een duidelijk en deskundig antwoord.


Jumia: Expand your horizons!

Expand your horizons

Jumia aims at creating a connected digital Africa to improve people’s lives on the continent thanks to the Internet. Jumia’s mission is to connect African consumers and entrepreneurs to do better business together. Founded in 2012, with a presence across Africa, the group has MTN, Rocket Internet, Millicom, Orange, Axa, Goldman Sachs and CDC as investors. Jumia has created a sustainable ecosystem of digital services and infrastructures through online and mobile marketplaces and classifieds. With Jumia, Expand Your Horizons!



Shop the widest selection of electronics, fashion & more from international brands and get delivered at your home in one click!



Shop the best prices and make money by selling your products online!



Looking for a hotel? Choose among 25,000 hotels in Africa to find the best deal!


Discover amazing food from great restaurants near you, and get it delivered straight away!



Our Mission

Jumia was founded in 2012 on the basis of a very strong belief: Internet can improve people’s lives in Africa. Observing the challenges that people face every day (poor infrastructures, bad traffic, limited choice, limited information, expensive products and services just to name a few), we saw a huge opportunity to leverage Internet and use it to connect people and provide them with a solution to fulfill their daily needs. Therefore, we embarked on the journey to build a company that has a very simple mission: expand your horizons.



Giving access to new services to customers
Internet has the power to transform everyone’s life. This is all possible because people connect to our platform to access services and products they need, in an environment that we have designed for them, addressing their needs and expectations on quality, choice, price, trust and convenience.


Inventory and order management software for modern merchants


All of your inventory, orders and customers managed and accounted for in one place.


Save time

TradeGecko makes the process of managing an inventory based business much easier.

Sell more

We create the tools you need to engage with more customers and more opportunities.

Work smarter

All your products, customers, orders and transactions backed up, synced and secure in the cloud.

Take control

Commerce is evolving. Your software should too. We make enterprise level tools available to every business.

Manage your inventory

All your products managed in one place. It’s simple, efficient and easy to control.

A smart way to create quotes and purchase orders.Connect to Xero or QuickBooks for accounting.

Stocks, warehouses, currencies, taxes and price lists in one system, not on spreadsheets.

Sell your inventory

A central hub for eCommerce on ShopifyWooCommerceMagento and Amazon.

We optimize our tools to help modern wholesalers grow.

Manage all your customers and orders from our free mobile app.

Manage your inventory

All your products managed in one place. It’s simple, efficient and easy to control.

A smart way to create quotes and purchase orders.Connect to Xero or QuickBooks for accounting.

Stocks, warehouses, currencies, taxes and pricelists in one system, not on spreadsheets.

Sell your inventory

A central hub for eCommerce on ShopifyWooCommerceMagento and Amazon.

We optimize our tools to help modern wholesalers grow.

Manage all your customers and orders from our free mobile app.

Grow your business

Get a clear picture of your data and predict trends as you grow.

Collaborate with your whole team using permissions for each member.

Save the time you spend on process and use it to explore new opportunities.