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We are America 2030 Capital LLC., an Investment Banking and M&A firm. We are also financial brokers and intermediaries and we have lenders that are ofering quick loans against stocks. These are loans against publicly traded securities. Both corporate entities and individuals are eligible on any world stock exchange. We do not charge any fees upfront. · Entire process will take 2-3 weeks maximum · Loan to Value (LTV) up to 80% of value of stock · All publicly traded companies in the world are eligible · The shares are kept in custodian account at your local custodian institution or brokerage house · The shares are never short traded, sold, transferred or traded · The shares remain in the name of company or client in local custodian bank · Minimum loan amount of $500K, no maximum · Non-recourse loans, no corporate or personal guarantee required · Owner of record continues to earn dividends · Only requirement is that the shares must have some level of liquidity, be in electronic form and unrestricted.

Please see attached Term Sheet Teaser.

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Senior Loan Advisor at America 2030

Petia Ganeva