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The Fairytale Teller


Sleeping with a man, whom you don’t love and like because of fake guilt feelings is bad. It is even very wrong. First he tells, you , that you are his princess. Someday, somehow , he starts to call you even a “caw” , but you say to yourself . O.K. it is just his kind of expression. He loves me. Then he waits for you at the airport with a rose roled in a newspaper and you wonder himself, how to tell him, you don’t want to have a relationship with him. And after it happened, you feel so guilty for hurting his feelings, then you could not say “No” , after he showed and told you, he wants to have sex with you.

An essay by Petia Ganeva to be written soon

The Macho- Shtick

An essay by Petia Ganeva

to be written soon

When men become afraid of women, they start to use the Macho- Shtick.

Dominate your girlfriend and she will do whenever you wish, think and say various of men and advice other ones to do the same.

What is suppose to happen, if a man starts to dominate a woman within a relationship?

Only different dramas.

Either the woman will let to be dominated by the man for a certain period of time, will suffer till she can and leave him afterwards or will do this as soon as possible?

“Why?”. would probably asked a lot of people. Because domination is not love and it is not only awdful and respectless, but also painful.



A Pillow for a bathtub

I don’t know , if You need a pillow during bathing, but I do need.

I have to lay actually more than an hour in the bathtub

to cleanse my body from the negative energy , which I absorb, because 

of my Hyper Sensitivity unwillingly…

Even without having this challenge, I like to take a long bath

and I thought , it would be great, if I had a comfortable pillow behind my back, 

while I am lying in the bathtub….

Sure, you can’t use a pillow made from textiles….It has to be supportive for the back and made from a healthy , comfortable stuff. When I have a time and money, I will try to design such a pillow and a more comfortable , robust headset too…

I got the this Ideas suddenly, after Michael has wanted to push me in the bath

on the astral level and remember me, that I should care of my body, 

which is very important and right too…

Self Care…..:) 

By the way, what would You prefer to use a comfortable pillow for a bathtub or google spy glasses?

I already know the answer:)

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by Petia Ganeva