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Poems, written by myself.

Virtual Prison

The devil caught me in his perverted reality.

He tortures me with his infinite bestiality. 

I rapes my body soul and mind. 

I can’t break these hellish chains.

They are to heavy. There is a lot of pains. 

Pain in my body. Pain in my soul. Pain in my mind. 

Carl Philip Bernadotte, the devil, isn’t kind.

He is an underworld snob. 

The worst imitator of God. 

Petia Ganeva,,



Fame could turn in to a shame, 

if you abuse, murder and blame.

It is just a life style frame. 

Nobody gives really a damn.

If you are not tame.

and exclaim your pain, 

you can lose the Illuminati game, 

but still keep your dignity and name.

God won’t you defame for carrying His flame. 


Petia Ganeva


Anxiety is a big disorder. 

It can’t be order or border, 

if you are constantly abused 

and the psychopaths refuse 

permanently to fully bruise. 

Anxiety appears always because of reason,

It is a psychological and mental high treason. 

It could happen every season.

It shakes Your psyche and body to the core. 

You get confuse and can’t think clearly anymore.

When You pray to God and Jesus usually the fear disappear, 

even if the psychopaths continue to blear and cruelly jeer.

Petia Ganeva

Calm down and start to think clear

and the fear will surely disappear.


Petia Ganeva



Carl Philip Bernadotte

Every night and day my soul, body and mind is raped by the false accuser.

He is a speechless, grande mental, emotional  abuser.

He tortures me with his perversions, lies, feeling and thoughts. 

He deceives, manipulates, rape and permanently mocks.

steals my mental rest and freedom,

redeploys me in a constant hellish mental agony. 

His brain ticks permanently in a monstrous rhythm. 

His penis abuses my body everyday and everywhere. 

The cruel mind controller set me in to a constant antagony.

The so called prince thinks, he is God

The worst imitator of God is punishing me with his penis rod.

He takes my breath. He has suppressed my body, mind and soul.

The Magog has captured in me in the hell whole. 

I am fully afraid and traumatized. 

When this beast will leave my head?

I am completely despised for his crimes and the ones of others- 

The clique of the schizophrenic Big Brothers let 24 hours internally bled.

How long will torture me day and night for their own pleasure. 

They won’t get any treasure 

and punish according to God’s meausre.

I wake up evey morning with a tremendous fear,

when the beast will start to rape me whole

Each tear makes him to cheer. 

Please, God and Jesus, 

make devil to disappear. 


by Petia Ganeva

Ezekiel 38-39, www.,

The World Leaders

While the world leaders accurately debate, 

and humanity naively, hopefully waits, 

the poverty, destruction and crimes take a big rate.

Innocent people get like me get electronically rape

for no reason the get virtually and physically grate

by so called civilized and human rights holding states.

Nobody talks about these horrific crimes straight, 

but everyone watches this bestial trait, 

used by criminal governments and self proclaimed royals, 

who believe they can play God,  

but they forgot:

The Words of God and His Rod!

Their power is a temporary fraud.

God will become someday  loud.

The World Leaders will trap in their false proud,

singing a mental agony ballade in the hell wad.

by Petia Ganeva

Deuteronomy 7, Ezekiel 38, 39 www.,

Illuminati Plague: Islam

Islam was created by Jesuits priests.

They brainwash people, turn them into beast.

Vatican appointed the false prophet Muhammd

to spread half truths and misconceptions,

twisted the bible to cause hate and massacre.

The Jesuit priest Alberto Rivera found out the truth

and died on food poisoning for exposing the secret in sooth.

The satanic Roman Catholic Church has created Islam

with the aim to turn Jerusalem in their lurch.

It is hypocritical, santimoninos to the core,

calls the Holy One of Israel the devil,

tells only half truths, deceptions and lies more and more,

worship the underworld creature Lucifer furthermore.

The Quran is a bad copy of the Holy bible,

written by Vatican to separate the people from God’s tribal.

by Petia Ganeva