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Wise quotes from me and from others.

You can’t hide anything from God.



You can’t hide anything from the Father God. 

You can not keep secret your face of a jerk wad. 

Secrets are there to be far and wide exposed

The truth will be always time- wise proposed. 

Lying, stealing, pretending can make you very rich, 

but you will remain all along, ever a real, true bitch.

Petia Ganeva


for the  theater play – The Prince of Muskoland



Knock Out

If you merely and constantly defraud, 

you business will get surely a knock out. 

Fraud brings you never success, but only disgrace, regress.

You want to possess as much as possiible  without working,

when you use criminally scam shemes and ruthless shirking.

You can lie, shortly steal  from others and recklessly oppress.

At the end you will possess only an unhealthy stress, a dirty mess, an egress.

Your excess shall  distress and lead you to more less, make you depressed,

unless you don’t learn to be noblesse, act with finesse and  get a  progress.

by Petia Ganeva

Simple Life Lessons  Part III

by Petia Ganeva

Simple Life Lessons Part III



Simple Life Lessons Part III

by Petia Ganeva

I will write life lessons till I die. I don’t know  how many parts there will be. 


Live & Learn

A human learns till she/ he dies.

It is valide also for my poetry book LOVE SHAPES

Love doesn’t get old and die.

It takes many shapes.

The World Leaders

They are a lot of false and a just few , but enough true leaders.


Draft I


Be Yourself

develop and keep your own identity

you can change your gender( what for- sexual pleasure with artificial genitals- zero) ,

but you can not change your soul, spirit , your true essence. – about the transgender mental and psychological illness- if it is inborn- it can not be healed)

find, live, experience your uniqueness

You can become truly happy, if you be yourself.



You can not overcome, suppress, or heal insecurities and fears by using dominance, being dominant, you have to become secure in yourself, to trust yourself, to listen to your inner voice and heart and God and Jesus


My heart is pure

Knowledge is powerful , but love is most powerful.




You can’t become a slave, if you don’t want and allow it.

The Slavery of African People- why this had happened? Illuminati Do they need better leaders, healers, Martin Luther King was murdered. Because of the intrigues and deceptions of the Illuminati. Because of Media propaganda , because of mind control,, used since over centuries -against other minoriities too. There are also hybrids in these

races too, not only in the white etc. ones


Faith in God

Faith in God gives You strength


The eternal, invisible crowns

The 12 invisible royal crowns

Everyone can wear these 12 crowns,

if he or she possesses these virtues- faith in God, compassion, honesty, dignity, wisdom, strength, compassion, righteousness ,dilligence, self discipline, kindness, bravery.



If you respect yourself, others will respect you too

8 Hurting



You hurt yourself, when your harm others,

better treat them like sisters and brothers.


When you are traumatized, you can not think , see and listen clearly.


Petia Ganeva