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Mr & Mrs Baphomet

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Mr & Mrs Baphomet is a new creative project of Petia Ganeva.

It is about two schizophrenic psychopath, who started to use satanic magic to manipulate, torture, exploit, slander, blame and misuse an innocent heterosexual woman.To lure the victim Mr Baphomet staged the break off of his relationship with Mrs Baphomet, by claming, he is not sad about it at all. Afterward he started to stalk the victim and play for her the protector from other psychopaths who aimed to do the same to her. She trusted him unfortunately blindly and another nightmare begun for her…
Mr & Mrs Baphomet is a new creative project of Petia Ganeva, which take the shape of a detective, psychological thriller- novel and will be published at  the end of 2016.

by Petia Ganeva