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The Best Wife, the Best Husband, The Best Parents- TV Game SHOWS by Petia Ganeva

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by Petia Ganeva


A competition among 12 wives

12 rounds

12 tasks, which should be completed as best and fast possible.

A wife of the week , of the month of the year

Audience Question

Who will win?

1.Cook something



4.dress, style for a dinner


5. make up

6. laundry

7. Tisch decken

8. einkaufen

9. something for the childen

10. tie knot?

11. Hemd buegeln


a jury from 3-4 people

notes from 1 to 12

1 the worse note- 1000 $ reward

12 best note- 12 000 reward

the one woman, who scores best, is the wife of the week and receives 250 000 or 500 000

wife of the month- 1 000 000

wife of the year – 10 000 000

the same for my TV game show = husband of the week, month and year

the same formy tv game show best parents

by Petia Ganeva

What is the purpose of envy?

What is the purpose of envy?

Would envy help you to achieve something, if you can’t do it?

No! So , why are you envy, project it on me and torture me in this way terrible?

If you can not run 100 meter best, being envy at me would help you to become the best?

There is no sense to be envy. It is primitive and silly. Moreover, you damage your health with this negative feeling. Training could help you, not envy.

Petia Ganeva