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Yamibuy is a leading food, appliances and cosmetics online e-commerce site. We have thousands of food products, beauty products, healthy products and small home appliances from Asia.


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Established in March 2013, Yamibuy is the leading Asian American-Centric Internet Company, dedicated to providing Asian snacks & food, beauty & health products, home appliances and books to Asian Americans. With rapid growth, Yamibuy is now the most popular one-stop shopping destination among the Chinese community in North America.


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Headquartered in the City of Industry, California, Yamibuy operates independently out of a 200,000 square feet warehouse with its home grown automated logistic system. Carrying thousands of products, Yamibuy aims to offer the most complete selection of products favorited by the Asian community. We rapidly develop partnerships with marketplace vendors to bring forth wider collection of products in snacks, soft drinks, instant foods, seasonings, dried foods, cosmetics, skin care products, health supplements, ​​eastern and western herbal supplements, nutriments, baby products, kitchenware, and home appliances. In addition to the thousands of well-known and respected brands such as KOSE, SHISEIDO, LOTTE, Want Want, and Master Kong, we are continuously building stronger partnerships to strengthen not only our own but also our partners’ brand name in North America.


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Yamibuy currently has over 500,000 registered and has built a loyal fan base in each state in the United States. One out of ten Asian Americans chooses us as their No.1 online shopping destination. Furthermore, our registered users are increasing in a tremendous pace over the years and we diligently provide them with exceptional services. At the same time, we continue to invest and enhance our platform with ​​numerous value added services to stay ahead of the competition.


Yamibuy was founded by Alex Zhou. While studying in Kansas, he experienced the inconvenience of driving two hours to reach the closest Asian market. Thus, led to the making of Yamibuy as he set out to help Asian Americans in the states that are facing the same difficult situations. Yamibuy targets to provide the most complete and up-to-date selection of Asian products alongside with the best online shopping experience and outstanding customer service. We hope to provide Asian Americans homelike feel ​​living in North America and allow Chinese culture and traditions to be preserved and spread in this foreign land.


Yamibuy conveniently serves the Asian community with an exceptional online shopping experience and strives to continuously expand all over North America.​


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Rape is not a love shape

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Stop playing the dirty rape game.

You are causing me a huge pain. 

This is a main shame.

Dominance is a rape.

It is not a love shape.

You can not buy my love with money.

Even If you ask me to call you honey,

When you rape my body, souldand body

you are very cruel and incredible looney.

You make the springtime of love cold and foggy,

while love based on equaty and mutual support is sublime.

You can pay all bills everywhere and anytime,

but if you torture me, the love won’t shine and be prime

It will be always downtime, also during the bedtime.

When you rape my soul, you grime our lifetime

The love can’t chime, even within a parttime.

Making me financially dependend on you is just a slime.

There is no love within this gaudy rowdy macho behaviour.

When you hurt me, you can’t become my knight, my saviour.


Petia Ganeva


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