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What is the purpose of envy?

What is the purpose of envy?

Would envy help you to achieve something, if you can’t do it?

No! So , why are you envy, project it on me and torture me in this way terrible?

If you can not run 100 meter best, being envy at me would help you to become the best?

There is no sense to be envy. It is primitive and silly. Moreover, you damage your health with this negative feeling. Training could help you, not envy.

Petia Ganeva

The Devil possessed crane

The Satan’s crane is envy at my works again,
wants to make unfairly a huge financial gain,
by causing in my heart more pain with his greedy, sadistic, stalking refrain,
accusing me falsely and extorting me without any remorse, guilt and shame,
instead of writing by his own, he is bullying loudly his unjust sponge claim:

“This is mine! I want a big money in time!

Let my famous star climb and chime!
I am the author, you are a shit grime!

“It is a crime, a slime! This is not fine!”,
cries painfully the innocent little shine.

by Petia Ganeva


Don’t let others’ envy making you too sore and very sad
to overwhelm and dominate your mind and pure heart,
with their dark intentions, weak part and slander impart
hurting your soul cruelly with mock- smart, tart, false accusations
to extort you for money, because of their own deficient limitations
pushing you to depart from God and Your True Self apart.
These ill people are almost or completely spiritually dead
Ignore the defamation and black art of them and go ahead.

by Petia Ganeva

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