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Yamibuy is a leading food, appliances and cosmetics online e-commerce site. We have thousands of food products, beauty products, healthy products and small home appliances from Asia.


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Established in March 2013, Yamibuy is the leading Asian American-Centric Internet Company, dedicated to providing Asian snacks & food, beauty & health products, home appliances and books to Asian Americans. With rapid growth, Yamibuy is now the most popular one-stop shopping destination among the Chinese community in North America.


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Headquartered in the City of Industry, California, Yamibuy operates independently out of a 200,000 square feet warehouse with its home grown automated logistic system. Carrying thousands of products, Yamibuy aims to offer the most complete selection of products favorited by the Asian community. We rapidly develop partnerships with marketplace vendors to bring forth wider collection of products in snacks, soft drinks, instant foods, seasonings, dried foods, cosmetics, skin care products, health supplements, ​​eastern and western herbal supplements, nutriments, baby products, kitchenware, and home appliances. In addition to the thousands of well-known and respected brands such as KOSE, SHISEIDO, LOTTE, Want Want, and Master Kong, we are continuously building stronger partnerships to strengthen not only our own but also our partners’ brand name in North America.


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Yamibuy currently has over 500,000 registered and has built a loyal fan base in each state in the United States. One out of ten Asian Americans chooses us as their No.1 online shopping destination. Furthermore, our registered users are increasing in a tremendous pace over the years and we diligently provide them with exceptional services. At the same time, we continue to invest and enhance our platform with ​​numerous value added services to stay ahead of the competition.


Yamibuy was founded by Alex Zhou. While studying in Kansas, he experienced the inconvenience of driving two hours to reach the closest Asian market. Thus, led to the making of Yamibuy as he set out to help Asian Americans in the states that are facing the same difficult situations. Yamibuy targets to provide the most complete and up-to-date selection of Asian products alongside with the best online shopping experience and outstanding customer service. We hope to provide Asian Americans homelike feel ​​living in North America and allow Chinese culture and traditions to be preserved and spread in this foreign land.


Yamibuy conveniently serves the Asian community with an exceptional online shopping experience and strives to continuously expand all over North America.​


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Lactoactive® is a high-tech refined processing of colostrum, which contains a high proportion of immunestimulerings substancesgrowth substances, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. By reinforcing these, we make it possible for the final ingredients to work with the body’s own natural defenses. During the process the active substance is extracted and processed into particles that are so small that they can penetrate the skin. It is this fact, which is extremely interesting, since that the skin change often occurs in the tissue. The amount of the various ingredients is concentrated to such an extent in Lactoactive® that technology has demonstrated properties that are usually only seen before in drugs for use in various skin issues. However, with the main difference that Lactoactive® have no knownside effects.

By undergoing this process these ingredients achieve a degree of effectiveness far greater than seen before. In fact, the particle protein content yield is up to 82%, compared to the normal 50 to 60%. The proteins in Vilact® are active for a longer period of time without being broken down by enzymes, meaning they works for longer in the skin. The active agents are more resistant to break-down and work more effectively. In other words, the active agents continue benefiting the skin for longer than before, giving the components time to act in the tissue.

Lactoactive® is developed in collaboration with Dr. Ninfa Rangel Pedersen (PhD) and Dr. Budi Juliman Hidayat (PhD) and is naturally patented. The development process also involved external specialists, among others, Dr. Dietmar Fuchs, Division of Biological Chemistry Biocentre, Innsbruck Medical University, Austria. Prof. Raymond Playford PhD, FRCPath, FRCP, FMedSci, Queen Mary Medical College from the University of London has demonstrated that human cells propagate themselves with the use of Vilact® with positive results. The results also showed that, the skin cream maintains its effect for such a long time that a therapeutic effect is possible. By strengthening these we make it possible for the final ingredients to collaborate with the body’s own health system.


Absorb Health


Live Naturally.

We are passionate about bringing innovative new health products to our customers so you can live better
mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Absorb Health is a dietary supplement and natural skin care company.  We offer many exclusive, high-end products, such as our nootropics, an increasingly popular cognitive type of supplement which we are a world leader in; proprietary male enhancement and anti-hangover supplements, and packaged natural skin care products.

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Absorb Health began in 2011 when Katrina, Josh Fulton’s wife, got sick.  Josh began exhaustive research into natural methods that could mitigate and potentially cure this illness.

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During his research, Josh realized that many natural health products could be brought to market more affordably, which would help bring optimal health within reach of more people.


This passion to help bring the highest quality of health to the most people is our motivation.

It is why we strive for excellent customer service, such as offering one day handling and a money back guarantee.

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It is why we maintain a commitment to pricing affordably, so everyday people can have access to our products.

And it is why we won’t stop until you achieve the highest degree of customer satisfaction possible.


What is the purpose of envy?

What is the purpose of envy?

Would envy help you to achieve something, if you can’t do it?

No! So , why are you envy, project it on me and torture me in this way terrible?

If you can not run 100 meter best, being envy at me would help you to become the best?

There is no sense to be envy. It is primitive and silly. Moreover, you damage your health with this negative feeling. Training could help you, not envy.

Petia Ganeva

Clearing Face Masks created by Petia Ganeva

A Face Mask with Chestnuts

chestnuts powder 50gr
olive oil 10mg
yoghurt 70gr
aloe vera juice 10mg
lemon juice 10 mg

Mix all ingrediants together  till  they become to a paste and then place a lean slice on your face till the mask has dried.

Afterwards use a hydrant cream for your face.

A face mask with aloe vera:

aloe vera juice

lemon juice

olive oil



by Petia Ganeva