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The Pando Zeros

Andy Zero, a deviant criminal from the Bilderber Group is stealing money ruthlessly via

the Online Payment Service Pay Pal from the worldwide known author Grace Wise. But one day he decides to take over completely his innocent victim and start to use satanic sex magic on her toghether with his real trangender woman Srah Lacy. They beginn to manipulate her online and telepathicall totally, involving her in several online frauds and permanent sexual abuse. At first both schizophrens decides to exchange her gender by projecting on Grace sexual perversions and raping her on the astral level via sex magic, but the naive and poor Grace does not react as the both reptilian hybrids wish, so they start to persuade her, to become pregnant from Andy Zero and to steal her children afterwards according to sexually bestial plan of Johnde Mol and Stefanie Gelinas, because both children are selected by God to help the humanity to fight against the dark forces- Illuminati on earth.

by Petia Ganeva

A Novel by Petia Ganeva