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Ignorance is not a divine bliss

Ignorance is not a divine bliss.
It’s Satan’s deceitful, dim kiss,
sucking Your soul viciously dry,
drawing You numb and just sly.
You won’t fly to the angelic sky,
when You ignore the Most High,
while You listen to the devil’s lie,
snubbing even your own bitter cry,
because of false pride and dark guide.
You spirit might have actually died,
if you stay ignorant of Your heart’s voice,
making the inappropriate, damning choice
to praise Satan’s wrong, twisted knowledge,
instead of following God’s enlighten college.
Ignorance is a BIG narrow- minded, dark plague,
kidnapping You blindly in the bestial, inferno hague,
till You start thinking, feeling, seeing entirely vague.

by Petia Ganeva