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Simple Life Lessons Part II by Petia Ganeva

Simple Life Lessons Part II is the fourth poetry book , written by Petia Ganeva in April 2015 and published in 2016 once again. In this edition the poetry book includes 32 poems of the writer Petia Ganeva.



– 3 –

God’s Truth

God’s ultimate, almighty truth,

 is Your only spiritual fruitful root.

When people hate, harm, fight each other,

their  life becomes thus much painful, harder.

Humans don't know, ignore, reject God's blissful, unshakeable, Holy Truth,

which is the base of Your freedom, peace, happiness and eternal bliss route.

There is only One, Absolute Truth, the One of Our Almighty, Loving God,

everything else is a deceptive, lying, dark, schizoid, rude, dummy ode,

versified mistakenly, plagiaristic and mimetically by the Satan’s horde.

Petia Ganeva


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