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Since The World Exists



Since the world exists, is still trying somehow to persist

the life topics and challenges remain the same and constain.

They just sounds diefferently like a repeated song refrain.

Only people can change their perception and point of view,

depending on their spiritual, mental and emotional review,

by overcoming the Illuminati Matrix’s nasty, reptilian crew,

even if the enslaving, tyrannical NWO ruthlessly resists

and innocent people are therefore destroyed and dismissed,

like a dangerous, destructive, incurable social enemy- cyst.

by Petia Ganeva

Simple Life Lessons Part II by Petia Ganeva

Simple Life Lessons Part II is the fourth poetry book , written by Petia Ganeva in April 2015 and published in 2016 once again. In this edition the poetry book includes 32 poems of the writer Petia Ganeva.



– 3 –

God’s Truth

God’s ultimate, almighty truth,

 is Your only spiritual fruitful root.

When people hate, harm, fight each other,

their  life becomes thus much painful, harder.

Humans don't know, ignore, reject God's blissful, unshakeable, Holy Truth,

which is the base of Your freedom, peace, happiness and eternal bliss route.

There is only One, Absolute Truth, the One of Our Almighty, Loving God,

everything else is a deceptive, lying, dark, schizoid, rude, dummy ode,

versified mistakenly, plagiaristic and mimetically by the Satan’s horde.

Petia Ganeva


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Braves Kind

Braves Kind


Petia Ganeva

based on my personal life as a child

The play occurs in a TV studio and consist of 20 game rounds

Children will receive monetary, object prizes and awards according to the achieved score.

Two adults will host the show, whicl will be broadcasted live weekly in the afternoon. Two hours with commercial breaks.

20 contestants will participate in the TV studio competitions

First Round

Kleider zusammenfalten

Second Round

Waesche aufhaengen

Third Round

Zimmer aufrauemen

Fourth Round

Fith Round

6th Round

7 th Round


Braves Kind

A Noble Child


Petia Ganeva

mit Urkunde

Shows fuer verschiedene Altersgruppen

von 6 bis 12

Shows ueber

6 Altergruppen

based on my personal life as a child

The play occurs in a TV studio and consist of 20 game rounds

Children will receive monetary, object prizes and awards according to the achieved score.

Two adults will host the show, whicl will be broadcasted live daily in the afternoon. Two hours with commercial breaks.

20 contestants will participate in the TV studio competitions

10 girls and 10 boys

A NOBLE CHILD of the MONTH show competition,

and a Noble Child of the Year with bigger prizes and awards in each countries

First Round

Kleider in Schrank zusammenfalten

Second Round

Waesche aufhaengen

Third Round

Zimmer am besten und am schnellsten aufrauemen

Fourth Round

Staub Abwischen

Fifth Round

einkaufen gehen

6th Round


7 th Round


8th Round

9 th Round

Feuer (zu Hause) loeschen

10 th Round

Muellsortierung und Muellentsorgung

11 th Round

einkaufen gehen, Strasse ueberqueren

12 Round

passende Kleidung zum einen Anlass aussuchen

13 Round


14 Round

Tisch abrauemen

15 Round

Geschirr spuelen

16 Round

speisen ( Welches Besteck verwendet man wofuer)

17 Round


18 Round

Das Bett fertig machen

19 Round

Die Schueltasche selbst fuer den naechsten Tag packen

20 Round

Wie verhaelt man sich mit unbekannten Menschen auf der Strasse?

All Around TV Kids

and to sell the license on others

Broadcasting Time

6 Uhr bis 22Uhr

All participants receive a certai amount of points for each fulfilled task according to the quality and speed of the performance.

The child, who scored best receive a crown of a prince or a princess, a monetary prize, subject prize, a medal and a certificate

The rest of the children will receive monetary prices , noble titles , certificates, subject prices according to their score.

Simple Life Lessons Part III



Simple Life Lessons Part III

by Petia Ganeva

I will write life lessons till I die. I don’t know  how many parts there will be. 


Live & Learn

A human learns till she/ he dies.

It is valide also for my poetry book LOVE SHAPES

Love doesn’t get old and die.

It takes many shapes.

The World Leaders

They are a lot of false and a just few , but enough true leaders.


Draft I


Be Yourself

develop and keep your own identity

you can change your gender( what for- sexual pleasure with artificial genitals- zero) ,

but you can not change your soul, spirit , your true essence. – about the transgender mental and psychological illness- if it is inborn- it can not be healed)

find, live, experience your uniqueness

You can become truly happy, if you be yourself.



You can not overcome, suppress, or heal insecurities and fears by using dominance, being dominant, you have to become secure in yourself, to trust yourself, to listen to your inner voice and heart and God and Jesus


My heart is pure

Knowledge is powerful , but love is most powerful.




You can’t become a slave, if you don’t want and allow it.

The Slavery of African People- why this had happened? Illuminati Do they need better leaders, healers, Martin Luther King was murdered. Because of the intrigues and deceptions of the Illuminati. Because of Media propaganda , because of mind control,, used since over centuries -against other minoriities too. There are also hybrids in these

races too, not only in the white etc. ones


Faith in God

Faith in God gives You strength


The eternal, invisible crowns

The 12 invisible royal crowns

Everyone can wear these 12 crowns,

if he or she possesses these virtues- faith in God, compassion, honesty, dignity, wisdom, strength, compassion, righteousness ,dilligence, self discipline, kindness, bravery.



If you respect yourself, others will respect you too

8 Hurting



You hurt yourself, when your harm others,

better treat them like sisters and brothers.


When you are traumatized, you can not think , see and listen clearly.


Petia Ganeva


Ignorance is not a divine bliss

Ignorance is not a divine bliss.
It’s Satan’s deceitful, dim kiss,
sucking Your soul viciously dry,
drawing You numb and just sly.
You won’t fly to the angelic sky,
when You ignore the Most High,
while You listen to the devil’s lie,
snubbing even your own bitter cry,
because of false pride and dark guide.
You spirit might have actually died,
if you stay ignorant of Your heart’s voice,
making the inappropriate, damning choice
to praise Satan’s wrong, twisted knowledge,
instead of following God’s enlighten college.
Ignorance is a BIG narrow- minded, dark plague,
kidnapping You blindly in the bestial, inferno hague,
till You start thinking, feeling, seeing entirely vague.

by Petia Ganeva