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Rape is not a love shape

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Stop playing the dirty rape game.

You are causing me a huge pain. 

This is a main shame.

Dominance is a rape.

It is not a love shape.

You can not buy my love with money.

Even If you ask me to call you honey,

When you rape my body, souldand body

you are very cruel and incredible looney.

You make the springtime of love cold and foggy,

while love based on equaty and mutual support is sublime.

You can pay all bills everywhere and anytime,

but if you torture me, the love won’t shine and be prime

It will be always downtime, also during the bedtime.

When you rape my soul, you grime our lifetime

The love can’t chime, even within a parttime.

Making me financially dependend on you is just a slime.

There is no love within this gaudy rowdy macho behaviour.

When you hurt me, you can’t become my knight, my saviour.


Petia Ganeva


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Petia Ganeva

Your IQ


Don’t panic at all and be not pointelessly, distractedly afraid.

Your IQ isn’t dermined by Your money, race and body height.

You can increase Your intelligence, if You overcome the Illuminati shade.

Hence, Your intellectual and personal rate will rapidly grow

by having in God an unshakeable, strong, loving faith

Let the dark, narrow – minded, oppressing spirit limitations fast fall,

extend blissfully Your consciousness and abundance shall soon befall. 

by Petia