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Airport Parking

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AirportParking.com is the leading independent airport parking directory and reservation network on the internet. We enable travelers to comparison shop airport parking lots and find & reserve a space for almost always less than the drive-up price.

We make it possible to use the handy tools people are accustomed to using when shopping online for other products, such as price comparisons, objective genuine user reviews, and maps. Since you’re already booking your flight and hotel online, why not your parking spot!

Save up to 70% on Airport Parking!

Two goals drive our business: (1) Provide the best airport parking selection and booking experience possible to the traveler, and (2) Help the Parking Lot Owner/Manager to grow and expand their parking business by maximizing the value they get from internet marketing and bring them new customers. We are committed to customer and partner satisfaction.


AboutAirportParking provides information on over 400 airport parking lots at 100+ airports. Find a lot that meets your unique needs and reserve your spot today!


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Reserve online to save as much as 70% off of airport rates.

All lots have free shuttles, and are typically just minutes from the terminals.

A reservation guarantees you a spot, and lots are safe and secure.

AboutAirportParking.com is a part of the Oversee.net Emerging Business family of web sites, including the travel planning and comparison site lowfares.com.  The site was originally launched in 2008 by entrepreneur Erik Budde, & Oversee.net acquired

AboutAirportParking in 2010 and has grown the business significantly since then.


Save up to 70% on Airport Parking!

The Plagues of Austerity and High Taxes

Austerity and High Taxes increase the unemployement, cause economical crises and debts.
The more money the people have, the better the economics of a country.
When people spend more money for products and services, they increase the profit of businesses and create new jobs. New businesses get founded, because the consumation and the needs of certain services become higher.

When an owner of a restaurant make a big profit, he will need more employees to provide a better service and perhaps to open a cafe or another restaurant to invest furthermore. In this way the owner creates new jobs.

When the owner of this restraurant can not make a profit, because the people have no money, he will have to close the restaurant and his workers, including the owner of this restaurant will become unemployeed. The same is valide for other branches, notonly for the gastronomy. 

If my fashion company receive  1 million orders in addition, I would need more employees to made the clothes . I will create more, new jobs and will decrease the unemployement in this way. If I have 10 millions bood orders. I will need more workers to print my books. 

by Petia Ganeva