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The Prince of Muskoland- a theater play by Petia Ganeva





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Cheap Imitations



You can never become me, transgender scree.

God has not agreed. You are slaves and I am free.

You are cheap imitations with brain and soul  severe limitations,

committing against me bestial telepathic rape and fornications

to earn by the deceived, brainwashed people  fake admirations.


Petia Ganeva

from the theater play  The Prince of Muskoland ( Satan)

The Prince of Muskoland

modern version


Petia Ganeva

All Roghts Reserved

Act 1

The Hope of Muskoland

The same sex marriage of Satan ( prince Carl Philip Bernadote)  and Abaddon ( the transgendered man Sofia KRISTINA Helqvist Bernadotte

( self proclaimed royals since the 19 century, usurpers of the Swedish Throne)

The pedophiles, necrophiles, feces , poop eaters Carl Philip and the transgenderSofia Hellqvist Bernadotte  play both Ruach Ha Kodesh – Grace and declrared themselves as

the world saviours and holy ones.

Act 2

The Emergency  Call

The self proclaimed Carl Gustaf calls Grace for help.

His son is in great danger. The grey human hybrid Abaddon with the earthly name Sofia Hellqvist wants to kill him and at first to transgender him into a woman.

of king Carl Custaf Bernadotte( a pedophile and a cannibal too , a self proclaimed king with 0 royal dna)

Act 3

The Seduction

Die Verstellung

Satan plays the victim. He is from the resistance.

Sofia Helqvist has enslaved him and wants to transgender him

In addition, he point out to seduce Grace sexually orally

( She laughed)

Act 4

The Staged Rescue

of Satan- Carl Philip Bernadotte

Grace does not know, he is Satan at the beginning. She was lied to.

She founds out, she is a perverter , a pedophile and a cannibal and can’t help me

Act 5

The Bullying

Telepathic Mind Control Torture used on Grace by

Satan ( Carl Philip Bernadotte )and  Abaddont ( Sofia KRISTINA Hellqvist Bernadotte)

and his sex demons from around the world

Act 6

The Great Fornications of the Babylons

Revelation 17, 18,

Jeremiah 51

Isaiah 47:10

Act 7

King Felipe VI

Ezekiel 28

Act 8

The Transgendering Plan & Try

Enforced Transgenderism

The self proclaimed kings and kings rape the mind , body and soul of Grace

and try to transgender her with the Greek government and police.

A transgender woman police officer takes out her gentials on the telepathic level

Act 9

The Harem

Deuteronomy 17

Many targeted and from  Satan’s horde played the lovers of Grace

Act 10

The adultery of the self proclaimed kings and queens

together with the Babylonians

The culmination of the sexual abuse of Grace  on the telepathic level

Jeremiah 51, Isaiah 47:10


Act 11

The Judgement of Babylon

Jeremiah 51, Revelation 18

Act 12

The Destruction of Satan

and its horde

Proverbs 5, 6

Revelation 12, 13, 17, 18

Ezekiel 38, 39

Deuteronomy 7:24

His Hellishness Carl Philip Bernadotte- the worst imitator of our heavinly God

His Hellishness Carl Philip Bernadotte,

who tries desperately to imitate God,

eats feces and human flesh pretty often,

even without putting them into an oven.

The beast in human cloth licks off toilet brushes,

He gorges them like ice cream and then hushes.

The pedophile doesn’ t miss to visit, sleek each toilet

does not forget to sodomize a child and to spoil it.

The horny prince from the underworld licks out acne faces.

and for a dessert consume any type of fungi, dirty, stinky feces.

He adores as much as possible filth

and does not feel any kind of guilt

for sowing everywhere hiv and cancer tilth.

The horny beasts puts his syphilic penis everywhere,

in to mouths, anuses, noses, vaginas, ears. Be aware!

He breaks bones and spinal cords

with his perverted, sodomic hordes.

The daily  telepathic sodomizer, biggest liar consumes human flesh with worms,

while his international crime partners throw everywhere deadly drones and bombs.

The insane Magog from the North

rapes the world with his fool horde.

The self- proclaimed prince Bernadotte is a steady, heavy urine and blood drinker.

He is unsually, phenomenally a bad , perverted, sadistic, schizophrenic thinker.

His brain is since his birth completely damaged-

in the head of him dwells always a full intelectual ravage.

It is a hodge podge heroin cabbage with a dirty perverse baggage.

The most attractive fake prince is actually the biggest world savage.

His irrational thoughts are so disturbed and can not be managed

The pedo genius can’t articulate even a single meaningful adage.

He invased brutally the head of Ruach Ha Kodesh

to play the Spirit of God, to smash her and cash.

When Satan feeds feces, poops,

his brain makes orgasmic loops.

Drinking coffee is drinking faces for the noble fake prince of Sweden

Eating bread is eating feces, drinking water is drinking urine

The Babylon whore Athens is ridden by the devil Carl Philip Bernadotte.

Her telepathic crimes are visually hidden, but not from Jesus Christ and God

All Satan’s followers will die on diseases and endless famine.

by Petia Ganeva

His Royal Hellishness Carl -the Stinky Poop



Carl Phillip, the Stinky Poop, was born as a throne successor in the Vaermeland of Satan

to rule a kingdom, glutted with aristocratic pedophiles, necrophiles, cannibals and heroin handlers.

After seven months as an official crown prince, he lost his royal crown of mold ratten,

which was given to his older sister Vicktoria, the official Wallenberg’s Princess of human gamblers.

His Sodomic Heinousness loves the stench of feces and sweat.

One of his favorite cannibal daily meals is a soup of a human flesh,

placed on a royal table with a noble silverware in a porcelain plate.

The prince of the Musko naval pit adores the sound of farts

the permanent look of genitals,filth and of vaginal warts,

to rape humans telepathically and physically in any way,

to torture innocent beings from Sweden and from far away.

He sees himself as a God , innocent victim of a constant ritual abuse,

as a philanthropic, noble prince, who wants to rescue the world

through his global naval human and drug trafficking criminal cruise.

He perverts and deceives all humans with his blurred brain,

due to synthetic telepathy mind control, media lies and blame,

promoting craftily royal sexual bestiality without a shame,

accusing the victims for his own crimes and diabolic, bloody game.

by Petia Ganeva

from the satirical poetry book