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Are You pregnant?

“Are You pregnant?” is a love story between a charming and  dentist surgeon Maurice and an ambitious journalist Grace, who met each other shortly at a dentist practice 7 years ago and now they see each other for a second time at the same place for the same reason: L-O-V-E, of course. Forget the broken teeth.


“Are you pregnant?”, asked the doctor with a solid confidence.

“What a question? Such an intimate question. People don’t ask such questions”, thought angry Grace:

” I need a boybriend to become pregnant, doctor Brave”, said the patient still pretty angry at the dentist surgeon.

Later  the readers will understand, pregnant women should not be scanned with Roentgen equipment …:)

She saw deeply in his eyes, sitting on the chair at the dentist practice and felt in love……………..

Petia Ganeva

7 years later another tooth of the journalist Grace falls apart, but this time she is quite staunch to show her sympathy to the attentive single doctor.

“Are You pregnant ?” is a romance, created and developed by Petia Ganeva, which should be written in 2017