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Satanism- Illuminati Plague


Satanism plagues the entire earth.

There is no happiness, no real mirth.

There is everywhere satanic symbolism,

praising Satan and not the Almighty God.

All around the world people worship the satanic ode.

They look through the prism of the satanism.

The murderer, liar and thief Satan was banned from heaven

and he started to leaven the earth with his fallen dark angels,

to put the people severly through the mangels.

He strikes humanity with his deceptive levin.

His servant Anton LaVey built in 1966 the Church of Satan

to spread deceptions and abuse across the globe.

He was a misanthrope and not all a philanthrope.

He was a pure evil, a deceiver blatant.

Anton Lavey has written a book, called ”The Satanic bible”.

He used the Christian word “bible” to promote human sacrifice and witchcraft,

invoking countless demons in satanic abusive rituals.

LaVey utillized his Satanic bible to graft and raft his anti- human craft.

He teached the satanic Black mass tribal,

among others, that humans are animals and not individuals.

Before Anton LaVey satanic work appeared ,

Aleister Crowley, a former British intelligent officer, prieched witchcraft and satanism,

claimed , that the might is right- another diabolic schism.

He wrote about satanic ritual abuse.

The Beast even inreased his power worldwide. It got not reduce.

Real Christianity slowly disappeared.

Satanism is a wrong religion with twisted vision,

which needs a deep public revision.

The roots of satanism are ancient.

Babylonian paganism is actually satanism,

full with satanic entities and symbolism,

which includes satanic jesuit’s plainchant.

by Petia Ganeva

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His Royal Hellishness Carl -the Stinky Poop



Carl Phillip, the Stinky Poop, was born as a throne successor in the Vaermeland of Satan

to rule a kingdom, glutted with aristocratic pedophiles, necrophiles, cannibals and heroin handlers.

After seven months as an official crown prince, he lost his royal crown of mold ratten,

which was given to his older sister Vicktoria, the official Wallenberg’s Princess of human gamblers.

His Sodomic Heinousness loves the stench of feces and sweat.

One of his favorite cannibal daily meals is a soup of a human flesh,

placed on a royal table with a noble silverware in a porcelain plate.

The prince of the Musko naval pit adores the sound of farts

the permanent look of genitals,filth and of vaginal warts,

to rape humans telepathically and physically in any way,

to torture innocent beings from Sweden and from far away.

He sees himself as a God , innocent victim of a constant ritual abuse,

as a philanthropic, noble prince, who wants to rescue the world

through his global naval human and drug trafficking criminal cruise.

He perverts and deceives all humans with his blurred brain,

due to synthetic telepathy mind control, media lies and blame,

promoting craftily royal sexual bestiality without a shame,

accusing the victims for his own crimes and diabolic, bloody game.

by Petia Ganeva

from the satirical poetry book


The Sinagogue of Rude Darkness

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Rude Darkness


Petia Ganeva

First Edition

Copyright©2013 Petia Ganeva

All Rights Reserved. 

“Light has come into the world,

 but men loved darkness

instead of light

because their deeds were evil.  

Everyone who does evil hates the light,

and will not come into the light for fear

that his deeds will be exposed.

But whoever lives by the truth comes

into the light, so that it may be seen

plainly that what he has done has been

done through God.”  

“Peace in heaven

and glory in the highest!”

John 3:19-21

The foggy geniuses of pathocracy



mass disorders


heavy social dysfunction,

brought the liberalism of democratic terrorism,

set an every day practice of big brother fascism,

switched morality with disruptive malice,

washed the insane lies through the mainstream media lice.

Rude darkness reigns in a hostile way the  poor earth.

Ignorant reptilian flames burned all love & blissful mirth.








swindle girth.

The bubble of falsehood has grown.

The true, divine knowledge is rapidly gone.

The inferno lustful tongue of the corporate media

burns the divine  truth with daily wicked lies.

Paid liars scribble down two-facedness fiction dia.

The  global elite synthetically smiles.

Intelligent agencies make criminal hacker files.

The official spokesmen of universal, dreadful evil

conquer the people in order of the royal pitiless devil.

Loyalty, fairness and wisdom are out of date.

Solidarity and tolerance are moreover late.

Love, harmony and beauty don’t sate.

Humanity doesn’t have a supreme fate.