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Carl Philip Bernadotte

Every night and day my soul, body and mind is raped by the false accuser.

He is a speechless, grande mental, emotional  abuser.

He tortures me with his perversions, lies, feeling and thoughts. 

He deceives, manipulates, rape and permanently mocks.

steals my mental rest and freedom,

redeploys me in a constant hellish mental agony. 

His brain ticks permanently in a monstrous rhythm. 

His penis abuses my body everyday and everywhere. 

The cruel mind controller set me in to a constant antagony.

The so called prince thinks, he is God

The worst imitator of God is punishing me with his penis rod.

He takes my breath. He has suppressed my body, mind and soul.

The Magog has captured in me in the hell whole. 

I am fully afraid and traumatized. 

When this beast will leave my head?

I am completely despised for his crimes and the ones of others- 

The clique of the schizophrenic Big Brothers let 24 hours internally bled.

How long will torture me day and night for their own pleasure. 

They won’t get any treasure 

and punish according to God’s meausre.

I wake up evey morning with a tremendous fear,

when the beast will start to rape me whole

Each tear makes him to cheer. 

Please, God and Jesus, 

make the devil to disappear. 


by Petia Ganeva


Ezekiel 38-39

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Der richtige Mann

Der Richtige Mann für mich wäre, 

der nicht wie eine rostige Schere, 

mein Herz mit tiefschürfenden Wunden vermehrt 

mit schrecklicher Leere erfüllt und falsch belehrt, 

sondern mir seine Liebe zierlich erklärt, 

meinen Verstand und Seele ganz klärt 

und mit mir liebend gern zusammen im Flammen der ewigen Liebe 

im himmlischen Friede   

kreiert, musiziert, spaziert, lachend fantasiert, studiert, 

durch seine innige Liebe zum Schreiben voll inspiriert, 

statt mich immer wieder lieblos, grob fallen zu lassen, 

mich brutal dazu zu zwingen, sich an ihn anzupassen, 

dabei den Überblick, die Ansicht, das Gefühl nicht verliert, 

dass Liebe auf diese Weise überhaupt, gar nicht passiert. 

vielmehr nur Lügen, Falschheit fett schmiert und inszeniert.

 by Petia Ganeva

In God I trust

In God I honestly trust,

not in Satan’s filthy lust.

The reptilian lust is like a nasty rust-

erodes severely the body and the soul,

disconnect You stat from the divine Source,

bores harshly dark holes in Your lightful whole,

redirects You straight into self destruction course,

Your Spirit will be scattered, feel lost like a sawdust.

Adjust Your heart to unconditional love to stay robust.

 Overcome the devil’s cussed temptetion, not to combust, 

Make Satan with Your steadfast trust in God really nonplussed,

 disgusted deeply from his unjust flesh trussed and love mistrust.

by Petia Ganeva