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Satanic European Royals are porn stars

There are countless  porn websites with so called royals. I wanted to inform the society, that royals make porn and shared this on google plus and therefore my account was suspended. There are probably millions of porn websites on google, made by the Illuminati, but this internet search engine is not closed. Why?

by Petia Ganeva

Your Google+ profile has been suspended.

Your Google+ profile has been suspended because some of your text, images, or other content violate the Google+ User Content and Conduct Policy.

Pornographic or sexually explicit content is not permitted.

Posts, comments, or other content that contains spam, unwanted promotional or commercial content, or unwanted or mass solicitations violates Google+ policies.

To appeal your suspension, remove all content that violates our policies and then submit your profile in classic G+ for review. You can also ask for review if you believe we suspended your profile in error.

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The Devil possessed crane

The Satan’s crane is envy at my works again,
wants to make unfairly a huge financial gain,
by causing in my heart more pain with his greedy, sadistic, stalking refrain,
accusing me falsely and extorting me without any remorse, guilt and shame,
instead of writing by his own, he is bullying loudly his unjust sponge claim:

“This is mine! I want a big money in time!

Let my famous star climb and chime!
I am the author, you are a shit grime!

“It is a crime, a slime! This is not fine!”,
cries painfully the innocent little shine.

by Petia Ganeva