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Virtual Prison


The devil caught me in his perverted reality.

He tortures me with his infinite bestiality. 

The Magog rapes my body soul and mind. 

I can’t break these hellish chains.

They are to heavy. There is a lot of pains. 

Pain in my body. Pain in my soul. Pain in my mind. 

Carl Philip Bernadotte, the devil, isn’t kind.

He is an underworld snob. 

The worst imitator of God. 

Petia Ganeva

www.stopeg.com, www.electronictorture.com, www.peoplecooker.com


The Sleeky Mirages of the False Prophetess

Mirages are placebo illusions, counterproductive, speculative delusions,

hazing your mind with realism, truth revulsions and ridiculous allusions,

to hide the great obscenity of your sleeky, ugly identity

of a dark, evil, wicked entity with twisty, fake serenety.

The escape and deny of reality with the help of irratational compulsions,

will cause only plenty of and lead to more mental and emotional confusions,

putting you under serious effussions by trying to live with such diabolic elusions.

These sweet, perverted, irrational,sleeky mirages hinder your soul evolution,

are not the proper solution to cleanse your spirit from the rude, vile pollution,

by plotting, managing and insulting others permanently with bestial abusions.

Organizing publicly a constant international theft, slander- and torture -predation,

using adultary and fornication for your financial fruitation and narssistic ovation,

shall bring you finally in public your deserved abdication,

because of your evident deviant aberration and revalation

of your reptilian , inhumane inner essence and dimension.

by Petia Ganeva