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Blockage is a true sign of mockage.

It is a false delusion stockage. 

The Truth comes always to surface.

The more you block it, the stronger it resurfaces.

You can not murder the truth. 

The lies expose themselves in sooth.


Petia Ganeva

Everytime when you try to suppress the truth,

it becomes more visible for everyone in sooth.


Petia Ganeva

Once the people find out the truth,

the lies lose their power in sooth.

You can not close an opened mind, 

which is  aware of you countless lies.

This is not a poker game with dies.

You will earn  just your bitter prizes.

You have opened Pandora’s surprizes.


Petia Ganeva

Once people open their mind, 

you can not make them anymore blind, 

even if your lies are very kind, 

the truth will be always find.


Petia Ganeva

You can’t hide anything from God.



You can’t hide anything from the Father God. 

You can not keep secret your face of a jerk wad. 

Secrets are there to be far and wide exposed

The truth will be always time- wise proposed. 

Lying, stealing, pretending can make you very rich, 

but you will remain all along, ever a real, true bitch.

Petia Ganeva


for the  theater play – The Prince of Muskoland