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The Prince of Muskoland- a theater play by Petia Ganeva





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Cheap Imitations



You can never become me, transgender scree.

God has not agreed. You are slaves and I am free.

You are cheap imitations with brain and soul  severe limitations,

committing against me bestial telepathic rape and fornications

to earn by the deceived, brainwashed people  fake admirations.


Petia Ganeva

from the theater play  The Prince of Muskoland ( Satan)

The Prince of Muskoland

modern version


Petia Ganeva

All Roghts Reserved

Act 1

The Hope of Muskoland

The same sex marriage of Satan ( prince Carl Philip Bernadote)  and Abaddon ( the transgendered man Sofia KRISTINA Helqvist Bernadotte

( self proclaimed royals since the 19 century, usurpers of the Swedish Throne)

The pedophiles, necrophiles, feces , poop eaters Carl Philip and the transgenderSofia Hellqvist Bernadotte  play both Ruach Ha Kodesh – Grace and declrared themselves as

the world saviours and holy ones.

Act 2

The Emergency  Call

The self proclaimed Carl Gustaf calls Grace for help.

His son is in great danger. The grey human hybrid Abaddon with the earthly name Sofia Hellqvist wants to kill him and at first to transgender him into a woman.

of king Carl Custaf Bernadotte( a pedophile and a cannibal too , a self proclaimed king with 0 royal dna)

Act 3

The Seduction

Die Verstellung

Satan plays the victim. He is from the resistance.

Sofia Helqvist has enslaved him and wants to transgender him

In addition, he point out to seduce Grace sexually orally

( She laughed)

Act 4

The Staged Rescue

of Satan- Carl Philip Bernadotte

Grace does not know, he is Satan at the beginning. She was lied to.

She founds out, she is a perverter , a pedophile and a cannibal and can’t help me

Act 5

The Bullying

Telepathic Mind Control Torture used on Grace by

Satan ( Carl Philip Bernadotte )and  Abaddont ( Sofia KRISTINA Hellqvist Bernadotte)

and his sex demons from around the world

Act 6

The Great Fornications of the Babylons

Revelation 17, 18,

Jeremiah 51

Isaiah 47:10

Act 7

King Felipe VI

Ezekiel 28

Act 8

The Transgendering Plan & Try

Enforced Transgenderism

The self proclaimed kings and kings rape the mind , body and soul of Grace

and try to transgender her with the Greek government and police.

A transgender woman police officer takes out her gentials on the telepathic level

Act 9

The Harem

Deuteronomy 17

Many targeted and from  Satan’s horde played the lovers of Grace

Act 10

The adultery of the self proclaimed kings and queens

together with the Babylonians

The culmination of the sexual abuse of Grace  on the telepathic level

Jeremiah 51, Isaiah 47:10


Act 11

The Judgement of Babylon

Jeremiah 51, Revelation 18

Act 12

The Destruction of Satan

and its horde

Proverbs 5, 6

Revelation 12, 13, 17, 18

Ezekiel 38, 39

Deuteronomy 7:24

The Fallen Earth Angels

 a write play by Petia Ganeva

It is about a fallen angels , which pretend and illustrate themselves 

as saints, God’s  perfect children , even  the victims of a woman,

sent by God on Earth to spread God’s truth and wisdom and help humanity

to evolve spirituality , connect themselves lovingly with God and re-discover their true essence.

The Fallen angels on earth conquer the woman and play the role of her friends.

She is so naive , kind hearted and pure,

so that she doens’t pay attention at their evil thoughts  and deeds against her at all.

She tries to see only the goodness in them, even if they slander her, mususe her and even robbed her ….

Till they start to attack her severely telepathically in the Name of Satan

and she finally finds out and accepts the Truth:


the children of Satan, not of God,

sent to her to destroy her.

by Petia Ganeva

Murders in the Theater


A detective write play:

Six actors die within 2 years in a theater. Nobody asks, why and isn’t it a little bit strange, except the young actress Patty Geneva. She starts to question the death of her colleagues and to make a private investion about the mysterios death of the 6 actors. Step by step the young woman discover, that her colleagues were actually murderers by the national intelligence agency with the complicity of the famous theater regisseuer Adam Moth and the management of the theater.

When the regiesseuer Adam Moth finds out , that the young actress knows about the murders, he tries to murder her in the theater, but she excape. She leaves immediately her country, because it was clear for her, that nobody can help and she will be murder in the similar way by the government , commiting crimes together with the police and the national intelligence agency. Patty Geneva immigrates, starts to write a novel about the state and teather crimes and becomes a internation successful author. She explains in her novel, that the 6 actors were murdered, because they have rebelled against the dictatorial system in the state and the Satanists- Illuminati , who rules the world.

by Petia Ganeva


The Satan’s parrots


“The Satan’s Parrots” is a theater tragic comedy,

a new writng project, created by Petia Ganeva,

which will be published in 2016.

A short scene of this master piece:) :

The Satan’s crane is envy at my works again,
wants to make unfairly a huge financial gain,
by causing in my heart more pain with his greedy, sadistic, stalking refrain,
accusing me falsely and extorting me without any remorse, guilt and shame,
instead of writing by his own, he is bullying loudly his unjust sponge claim:

“This is mine! I want a big money in time!
Let my famous star climb and chime!
I am the author, you are a shit grime!

“It is a crime, a slime! This is not fine!”,
cries painfully the innocent little shine.

All Rights Reserved. 2015.

by Petia Ganeva