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Climb to the top and win a grand cash prize! But first you need to answer some questions…

“Ludi” is an exciting quiz game show where three contestants race single tokens around a big electronic game board from start to finish according to answer different quiz questions. The playing area is shaped like a mountain. The race begins at the foot of the mountain and ends at the top.

The objective of the game is to climb to the mountain top at first. A quiz play is used to determine the amount of token’ s moves. The contestants must answer correctly different quiz questions to be able to move their pieces towards 1 to 6 squares. The number of token’ s moves is indicated by the kind of the quiz questions.


Could you identify blindly a person who you’ve seen only for a minute through an observation window?

A blindfolded main contestant tries to identify a certain person among 16 candidates in a given time.

First the picker observes all candidates only for a minute through an observation window and selects one of them. Then he gets blindfolded, goes on series one- on-one dates with the candidates and tries to identify the person who was selected by himself at the beginning of the game. The picker eliminates a single candidate at the end of each episode. All participants live together in a mansion during the game.


Try your luck! You can win big cash prizes, if you draw the right playing cards.

This studio show is based on a guessing game with 24 playing cards. The game occurs in 3 stages on a moving wall. Two players compete in the first two rounds for different cash prizes. Therefore both contestants have to draw certain playing cards. Only a single contestant takes part in the final round and play for big cash prizes.

Dish Twister

You know how tiramisu looks. You know how it tastes. But do you realy know each single ingredient of this delicious cake?

Dish Twister illustrates a stuido show where 3 contestants compete for different cash prizes by playing a subject- specific quiz game. The qiuz players guess fares or dish ingredients during the game in a given time. A single contestant plays for a grand prize in the final round.

Soul Mates

Play a funny love quiz, win some money and meet your soulmate!

Soul Mates illustrates a studio dating game show where four singles (one main contestant and three potential date partners) play together a quiz for money or love. A host reads the questions. All participants answer the queries in a given time. The date candidates receive a certain cash prize for each correspondle response with the main contestant’s answer. The candidate who achieved the most analog answers may choose between a randevous with the main contestant and his monetary prize.

Pipe Up

Name some words as quickly as possible and win plenty of cash prizes!

Pipe Up illustrates a funny and challenging word game where three contestants compete for different monetary prizes. They have to name words which start with a certain letter determined by a computer at random. The players state words as much as possible in different categories in a given time. A single contestant takes part in the final round for a grand prize.

Quiz & Bet

Take a risk, take a chance: quiz, bet and win big cash prizes!

Quiz & Bet is a studio television show where a single contestant plays a question- answer gamble for different monetary prizes. The game is based on the roulette principle. Therefore the player answers diverse multiple choice questions which are chosen by himself by spinning a roulette. The cash prizes are very variable depending on the queries. Additionally the contestant may wager his gain on a single quiz question.


Open your eyes,look for sweet love behind the wall!

Wonderwall illustrates a studio dating game show where a main contestant (male or female) selects a single date partner among 12 /15 candidates by playing an elimination game in 4 rounds.

All potential date partners stand behind a room devider and exhibit a definite physical attribute through a hole in the folding screen. The picker rates the candidates’ attributes and eliminates those contestants who he does not find attractive.

Broken Hearts

Lovesickness is a horrible disease. But it’s curable!

“Broken Hearts” is a reality television series where 10 men and 10 women try to heal their lovesickness. Therefore the participants receive help from professional coaches.

Within the scope of this broadcasting the contestants learn how to stop the pain, to let go of the past and to cure their lovesickness. In this connection all candidates prove diverse practical methods to heal their broken hearts. Besides the sufferers learn the secrets of love and may be some of them fall in love again during the healing therapy…

Cook & Date

Love passes through the stomach…
Meet your love while cooking!

Cook & Date is a studio dating game show where 6 singles (three males and three females) meet each other for the first time and cook together. Each contestant prepares a dish for the rest of the participants. After the cooking has finished, the participants degustate the meals and converse with each other.

Shy Guys

Many guys rely on their luck to meet women because they can’t overcome their shyness and don’t know what to do. But flirting and dating are learnable!

“Shy Guys” is a reality television series where 12 uptight single men learn in a given time and step by step how to attract and date women.

During the show the bashful men learn to guess and send flirting signs, to overcome their shyness, to use their body language and much more.

Spin the Bottle!

Spin the bottle, say the truth or dare to do something extraordinary and pick the best date partner!

Spin the bottle is a studio dating game show in which 12 singles ( 6 females and 6 males) sit in a circle. A contestant spins a bottle in the middle of the circle. The person to whom the bottle points with the b…. puts a question or suggests a task. The person to whom the bottle points with the neck must answer the question thruly or to fullfil the task. The first player may eliminate the second contestant, if he would like.


Have a crossdate and pick the best dater!

Crossdate is a dating show in which 3 male and 3 female singles meet each other speedywith the aim to pick the best date partner at the end of the game.

There are nine crossing speed dates which occur in succession. Every male single gets to know each female single and vice versa.

After each date the candidates note on a special card, if they would like to meet their date partner again or not.

If there is a mutual match, a couple is built. The pair wins the game.

Clear Cut

…there is no special faculty of administration in a state which a woman has because she is a woman, or which a man has by virtue of his sex, but the gifts of nature are alike diffused in both…”

Women can not park cars and think spatially. Men learn badly languages and are unable to listen. Women like buying shoes. Men can lift well heavy things and kill spiders et cetera…Men and women are completely different, maintain still many.

Clear Cut illustrates a reality television competition where man compete against woman to prufe beweisen their kompetenz in einem berufsfeld. Therefore both contestants fullfil several funny and spannende tasks / challenges. The participant who fullfils the chalenges best wins the competition and the first prize.

Some of my TV Formats:

by Petia Ganeva

The Dame – TV Quiz Game Show:

The Arks- TV Search Game Show :

Reach the Top! – TV Quiz Game Show :

Sailing Out – TV Quiz Game Show:

Solomon’s Treasure Mine Chamber- TV Quiz Game Show:

Solomon’s Treasure Mine Chamber- TV Outdoor Search Game Show:

Quiz & Bet- TV Quiz & Bet Game Show:

Pipe Up- TV Word Game Show:

Hodgepodge- TV Search & Clothing Game Show:

Spin the Bottle!- TV Dating Game Shows:

Monopoly TV Quiz Game Show: 

Play a monopoly quiz game and win a grand cash prize! But first
you need to answer some questions…
“Monopoly” Quiz Game Show is an exciting quiz game show
where three contestants race single tokens around a big electronic
game board from start to finish according to the answering
different quiz questions. The playing area is shaped like a square.
The race begins at the start line and ends at the finish line.

Car Race Quiz Game Show: 

Play a car race quiz game and win a grand cash prize! But first
you need to answer some questions…
“Car Race” Quiz Game Show is an exciting quiz game show
where three contestants race single tokens around a big electronic
game board from the start to the finish line according to the
answering of different quiz questions. The playing area is shaped
like a car race piste The race begins at the start line and ends at the
finish line.
Go Shopping TV Store Game Show:

Go Shopping  A Deaux:

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